How To Earn Money While In College?

The old saying, “You need to have money to make money,” is applicable as ever to any collegiate trying to get an education and invest money at the same time. However, if you don’t have the money to make more money, you need to go out and earn it.

Here is an awesome list of unique and original ideas that I put together about how to make money while in college.

Ask Your Favorite Professor for a Job

This is a great way to develop a personal relationship with someone in your field, and make some good money at the same time. There are two types of jobs that a professor may have to offer you. The first type of job is being their personal assistant, which entails doing things like grading papers and tests, and doing administrative work.

Another type of job that a professor may offer you is in research. In disciplines such as the sciences, professors are often in need of reliable students to help in their research projects. Even if you are not the best of students, your professor may be happy to use your services simply because you expressed interest and showed motivation.


I have a great tip for finding a wealth of tutoring jobs in one easy location. Most university athletic programs provide free tutoring for their most beloved of students, namely the athletes.

First, go to the athletics program and request that they put you on their list of tutors. Then make friends with some athletes, tell them that you can tutor them free of charge to them, and wallah, you can make money. If you are not sure where to go in order to find the offices of the athletics department that can set you up with tutoring job, just ask any athlete at your school.

If you consistently take great notes for a class, you could also sell your notes on a site like FlashNotes and make even more money.

Be a Subject for On-Campus Psychological Studies

Being a human lab rat for your local psychology program usually pays nicely. Just for showing up and doing simple tasks, giving your opinion on something, or talking to someone you could easily get paid upwards of $20 for only a few minutes of your time.

Make sure to keep checking in with them for future psychological studies. If your campus hosts a lot of studies, that can mean a lot of extra cash for you.

Teach on the Weekend

There are many opportunities for teaching during times that should not interrupt your busy study schedule. Many religious or culturally based learning programs are conducted during the weekend, if you are able to teach for your religious or cultural organization, you could be on your way to earning some nice cash at the same time as doing something good for the community.

Be a Seasonal Entrepreneur

Look around and see how you can start a little business of your own or with friends. Some possible ideas are selling flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, or selling shirts and college paraphernalia during sporting events.

Make sure to check into the legality of everything that you want to do. For instance, the school may not allow private vendors to sell on campus.

Want more ideas of getting started with entrepreneurship? Check out our list of 50+ Ways To Start A Side Job.

Non-Profit Jobs

If you are the type of person that likes to devote time and energy to working for good causes, you might as well get paid for your work. Try going to the non-profit of your choice and ask for a job. They may have a job opening that you would like, or you could present a proposal to them which details a project that you want to implement for them.

Keep your eyes and ears open in order to find other good and creative opportunities for making money on your campus.

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