How to improve \”business\” to avoid \”set\”?Young man, looking here

Original title: How to improve the \”financial business\” to avoid \”set\”? Young people, please accept this guide

\”Borrowing consumption\” \”only make quick money\” \”One night flies\” … Some young people are easy to fall into the \”set loan\” because of these consumption and financial concepts. Financial fraud trap. While supervision is increased to rectify financial chaos, experts recommend the young people to establish rational lending awareness and financial management concepts to improve risk prevention. Here is a \”guard\” guide, I hope to help young people to increase \”wealth\” and keep rationality.

Part of the young people are prone to financial traps

\”Professional handle college loans, just provide ID card information, no interest, zero guarantee …\” This advertising information touched University student king. He added the other party WeChat according to the contact information on the advertisement and lended 4,000 yuan under a loan platform under its guidance. But the little king without the source of economic sources, can not be repayed on schedule, can only pass a number of platforms \”to the old\”. Arrears like a snowball, the more rolling, the debt of Xiao Wang in just 6 months has increased to more than 100,000 yuan.

In recent years, the borrower has appeared \”young\” characteristics, especially with the increase in small loans in various consumer scenarios, the game loans, medical US, rent loan, etc. Popularity.

Dong Xiqi, the chief researcher of the contracting, said that a few students are deeply paid deep debts, and they are inseparable from the promotion of bad loan platforms. Some non-formal licensed institutions hit the \”small low-interest\” \”\” no credit record \”and other flags to trick consumers loan, the loan interest rate is actually supermarketing, and even induces\” lending \”. In addition, some young groups are willing to try new things, but lack sufficient identification capabilities, which is easy to fall into the promotion of traps.

Last year, Ms. Zhang, Henan, came into contact with a mobile phone application called \”喵\”, users pass software subscription and \”feeding\” virtual cats, virtual cats can quickly develop, sell, The claim can earn 10% of the income of 10% for investors in a short time. Ms. Zhang has invested 150,000 yuan before and after, but \”喵\” APP suddenly could not log in. She not only didn’t get a high return, the principal was also a volume.

The \”Consumer Financial Literacy Investigation and Analysis Report (2021)\” released by the People’s Bank of China showed that the analysis of approximately 140,000 adult respondents found that in groups with financial investment behavior, Youth groups have more irrational degree to financial investment revenue.

Experts pointed out that some young people are relatively high, and their own economic strength may pursue \”fast money\”, blindly purchase \”Posted high-income\” products, easy to fall into financial fraud traps.


Blocking a door to open the door

The five-flowers of the Internet lending platform, the investment wealth management platform is to help some of the young people’s advance consumption awareness and inertial investmentFor important push hands. In order to rectify this kind of chaos, the financial management department continues to force.

Since the beginning of this year, the state has been reorganizing college students’ Internet consumption loans. It is prohibited from distributing Internet consumption loans to college students; introducing the \”Prevention and Disposal of illegal fund-raising regulations, which proposed, except for law, administrative regulations Outside the country, enterprises, individual industrial and commercial household names and business scope may not include words or contents such as \”financial\” \”financial management\” \”wealth management\”; release risk tips, remind financial consumers to be alert to the risks of star endorsement, prevention The risk of virtual currency trading activities …

blocking the door to open the door at the same time. \”At the same time, while blocking the ‘bias’, it is necessary to satisfy the reasonable financial needs of a good young man, and the ‘main entry’ is big, open, and make up for the finance service short board.\” Dong Xi said.

Experts suggest that in order to meet the reasonable needs of young groups, all banks should develop targeted, differentiated Internet consumer credit products, providing quota credit cards, consumption loans, and entrepreneurship. Loan, etc. In addition, strengthen investor education, need to be properly guided for the objective consumption needs and investment behavior of young groups.

Central Bank survey shows that consumer financial literacy is in the age of \”U\” type, the elderly and adolescents’ financial literacy levels are relatively low, \”an old one less\” is financial education continues to pay attention Key object.

\”\” I hope that through financial education, consumers will help consumers to improve their financial level and financial risk prevention. \”The relevant person of the People’s Bank of China Financial Consumption Rights Protection Bureau said that it is necessary to continue the\” wealth \”education for young people. Guide to establish rational investment, value investment, and clarify its own investment and financial needs and available funds.

Improve \”Caver Business\” to strengthen self-protection

Enhance the public’s financial literacy and risk prevention awareness, which is a preventive measures to strengthen financial consumption rights protection. As a young man in the first time, how can I manage the endless income? Refer to these points:

– It is quantified to rational consumption. To set up rational consumption, arrange your own expenses reasonably, do not blindly compare. If you really need to borrow, you need to set a safety warning line for your own liability, you can refer to 28/36 experience, that is, personal or family property related expenditures do not exceed 28% of the income of the same period, and the total liabilities do not exceed the same period income. 36%. The level of control liabilities are within this range, and individuals or families generally do not significantly pressure in daily life.

– Fire eye gold eye, go to fake people. The words \”free\” \”free\” \”free\” \”\” free earnings \”in the advertisement should be highly vigilant, consciously resisting temptation, and firmly believe that there will be no pies on the sky. Don’t trust a variety of QQ groups, the WeChat group called \”master\” \”tutor\”, prevent being cheated.

The Bank of China has repeatedly prompted: in practice, promise to ensure the principalMore than 6% of the finance product yield is to ask, more than 8% is very dangerous, and more than 10% should be prepared for all the principal.

– Self-protection, good at help.If you accidentally fall into a bad \”campus\” or encounter financial fraud, you should communicate with your family, teachers, and save relevant evidence. For the first time, seeking regulatory authorities, public security organs, pick up legal weapons to maintain their legitimate rights and interests.(Reporter Wu Yu, Liu Hui, Li Yanxia, participation: Zhang Xi)

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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