How to make a profit in the anime store entrepreneurship?

Today, AA Anime Small Book Lets Experience how to make profitable in the university store.

Improve the customer structure of anime shop, according to the contribution of the store’s profitability, divided into four levels, profitable customers, profitable customers, flat customers and negative profits.So in the case of a lot of resources, we can only provide the best quality service for valuable customers, cut off their own customers, improve the flat customers, and keep profitability.


Improve sales price of sales products, this method is directly but not practical, our products agents and distributors do not agree, and end consumers may not agreeThe final result may result in increased gross profit margins of the single, but sales decline, the overall profit may not increase,


Finally, it can be kept profitableThe method is an anime shop customer, they are the most critical means of improving sales profit.


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