How to make money at home (how can Bao Ma can earn money at home)

[1 I didn’t understand it at the beginning, I think this is like a magic spell. But later I discovered some treasure moms, I found that micro business is really suitable for Bao Ma! Neither go out, there is no time limit, very suitable for earnings out of your leisure, this is no wonder that many treasures choose to do micro business!

However, it is necessary to remind everyone that it is necessary to make a good business cooperation, the product must be reliable, because everyone is looking for you, if the product is not limited, not only I can’t make money, but I will lose my friends, and my relatives have trust you, this will not pay!

Second, shooting short video

When I went home in New Year this year, I found that many people in the village were holding mobile phones to shoot their children. At first, I thought they It is a good time to make a friend, but then I will find it later, people are shooting! In fact, there are now many platforms to shoot short videos, such as watermelon video and beautiful video, etc.

Our village has a single Han because there is no child to shoot, simply raise a dog, follow the dog butt after he and the fans are still tens of thousands, and there are thousands of pieces in a month!

Many treasures have a habit of shooting a child to send a group of friends. Now, as long as you send these videos, it is difficult to send it to other platforms, why not?

Seeing this, maybe many friends will say: \”But what should I do if I don’t shoot? I don’t know how to get up to the platform?\” In fact, this is not worried, now the course on the online course is very Many, you can search for [shot VLOG tutorial] follow the school, basically get started.

Third, find the surrounding part-time

Do you know? In fact, there are many companies that are stronger, such as well-known brand shop, uniforms, in the past year, the system is very perfect, basically as long as you have a certain work every week!

In addition to the big brand and work, some small shops will also take part-time, I have a friend to work in the milk tea shop and the restaurant, when I work in the milk tea shop, the boss will work with her peace of mind, even It is allowed to pick up the child to the milk tea shop. As a result, people have earned money while carrying their children.

This is not the most powerful, the most embarrassment is a part-time job in her body: help others rent a house. When she rented a house, she made a good relationship with the intermediary relationship. Therefore, the two later formed cooperative relationships. She helped the intermediary recommendation customers, mediation to her corresponding commission. Therefore, her income now is still moreWrong, the income of the milk tea shop made her a problem, and the cooperation with the property intermediary always made her unexpected surprise.

4 I found someone to help feeding, shovel, a fee for 25 yuan, no more than half an hour. Although this part-time job does not dare to say how high the income is, it is good enough! When you are busy, you will not do it, you will pick up the list, anyway, he also likes pets, life is also very comfortable.

I later found it. In fact, there are a lot of part-time jobs with the door-to-door shit. For example, the mother who has seen a part-time dubbing in the circle of friends is very good, they have time to do it. Just as you have spend money! However, don’t underestimate this money, on the one hand it improves the happiness of Bao Ma, on the other hand, the little money is also a penalty income!

Everyone can think about it in his own body, special long, or capable of being able to make the opportunity to make money, is it around?

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