How to make money book (have you teach you how to make money books)


\”Money Gold Point\” This book author Zhao Fan is a lecturer, doctoral student, who has been in \”Shandong Social Science\”, \”Enterprise Management\” Core journals publish papers. The work has \”management\”, \”discovered Dai Ming\”.

We can learn the attitude towards money from this book, how to make money, investment, how to find business opportunities, how to grasp the opportunity to make money. This is selected for ancient and modern China and foreign nearly 400, the classic make money, the way I learned to make money, I also learned what to make money; I can find both a big business opportunity, and I can learn the unique way of business entrepreneurship. .

Extraction gold sentence:

\”Honest people don’t eat loss, integrity management can make money.\” Integrity, it is easy to do! But after years of verification, honesty is a true truth that is always constant. The gentleman loves to give it, only \”Lilly is profit\”, it can go longer; the character is the goods, the personality is wealth.

This book is very strong, and the famous entrepreneurial career, with ordinary people’s turn, each has comments, the real personality of the real thing. If you make money, you must learn the experience of rich people unless we feel that your own money is enough. Who will make money, you will learn, this reason is always wrong.

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