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\”Tongzhou District Global Studios has law enforcement personnel to verify that the driver pays attention to bypass\” \”Near Chaoyang District Check the Internet, every car must check \”\” Capital Airport in Check the Internet Take Che \”… Recently, Beijing multi-network network drivers revealed to the\” Daily Economic News \”reporter, traffic law enforcement departments have strengthened in multiple popular areas Compliance checks from the network of webmarks.


Image Source: Each reporter Wu Kai

This is a minority of the recent department to strengthen compliance inspection of webmarks. Recently, the Ministry of Transport said that with the rapid development of the webmaster industry and the competition between the platform, the drivers and vehicles that have not obtained the online operation of the network will enter the industry, and the development of urban transportation and industry health development has formed a threat. . Therefore, the Ministry of Transport requires no new access vehicles and drivers to all localities, and accelerates the driver and vehicle that is not compliant.

In this subsequent, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc.

An industry insider revealed that the network of net approximation of net approximation, and promoted the native and regulatory development of the net approximation. However, due to the low price of vicious competition in some platforms, compliance costs are higher, and the competitive pressure in platforms with high compliance rates is greater.

\”Some platforms will tend to compete for the market compared to investment in a large amount of cost, and some platforms will compete for the market.\” The person said to the reporter. \”If the platform is willing to bear some of the compliance costs, encourage the company With the collection, the compliance rate is expected to increase. \”

Some network reception has stopped unlicensed drivers to register

Recently, the Beijing area of \u200b\u200bthe network of network users said that in the past, Traffic law enforcement departments are mostly implemented in the airport, train station and other regions to implement key supervision of non-consisting networks, but recent partial regions have strengthened the inspection of webmarks. Driver Liu Feng (pseudonym) showed the chat screenshot to the reporter, traffic law enforcement officers have launched network usage compliance inspections in Beijing Global Studios, Sihui and other places, network usual drivers If the \”Network Reservation Taxi Driver Certificate\” will be punished. \”Check if the network is not a new thing well. Just recently feel that the traffic law enforcement department has strengthened.\” Liu Feng said to the reporter.

多地加强网约车合规监管,但仍有司机直言“没必要”申请“双证”,专家这一建议有望提速行业合规化 The source: Each reporter Wu Kai

It is understood that Tianjin, Shanghai and other places have also begun to strengthen the supervision of unlicensed webmark drivers and vehicles. Some of the network reception platform has stopped unlicensed drivers to register. Only in Guangzhou, the local traffic law enforcement departments in August this year investigated the net approximately 30% of violations of the bus driver without obtaining the driver’s card or the vehicle did not obtain the transportation certificate.

As of the paper, the Beijing area has not yet announced specific measures. But inOn October 8, the staff of the Beijing Communications Commission revealed to reporters that \”Beijing Municipal Communications Commission has held an internal meeting on the morning of the public, and discusses specific measures. In the long run, the webmark industry It is necessary to have legitimate qualifications. \”

The reporter found that the Beijing Net Total Taxi platform, the first steam, etc., the company has stopped new unlicensed drivers. register.

In fact, the net approximation of net approximation has been promoted for many years. As early as August 2016, the Ministry of Transport issued the \”Interim Measures for the Administration of Network Reservation Taxi\” (hereinafter referred to as \”Measures\” on the Joint Industry and Information Technology Department and the Ministry of Public Security (hereinafter referred to as \”Measures\”). Platform, driver and vehicle must obtain the \”Network Reservation Taxi Business License\” and \”Network Reservation Taxi Driver Certificate\” and \”Network Reservation Taxi Transport Certificate\”. This means that there is more than three licenses, platforms and drivers can be legally operated. The \”Measures\” also showed that the main network of network users in different regions must meet the \”other conditions stipulated by the people’s government\”.

\”Measures\” After the announcement, the net approxishes, Cao Cao travel, etc. have obtained the \”Internet reservation Taxi Business License\”, with legal operation qualifications in the platform level. However, at the time, some drivers and operation vehicles on the Internet of Net Your Platform have not yet obtained the two corresponding qualifications, and the phenomenon of illegal operations is still generally existed.

Among the dozens of different regions of the network, only 4 drivers have the \”Internet reservation Taxi Driver Certificate\”, 3 of whom have \”online reservation taxi transportation\” certificate\”. Among the 20 webmark drivers visited in Beijing, only two Beijing household registration drivers have \”online reservation taxi driver certificates\”, and the rest are unlicensed drivers in the field.

\”Taking Beijing as an example, many cities have been relatively loose for networking car drivers for many years. Most webmark drivers, vehicles have not obtained corresponding qualifications, but if there is no major problem, local traffic The law enforcement department will not strictly check the heavy penalty. \”An industry insider said that\” the network of the network \”has formed a tacit understanding\” at the airport, etc. Illegal operations make compliance drivers to violate

Currently, the number of drivers in my country is more, but the number of compliance drivers who have obtained the bus driver is not high. In the drip examples, the public information shows that on March 31, 202, 202, March 31, only 1. A mobile phone platform has 13 million active drivers. The Ministry of Transport showed that the data showed that the net approximately 35.26 million passenger certificates were issued in all parts of the net, and the vehicle transport license was 1362,000. This means that it is a great improvement in the proportion of the license driver or the proportion of the vehicle and the driver.

In addition, in order to compete for the industry empty window, many webmobile platforms have expanded in recent months, making a large number of non-compliance drivers, vehicles into the industry, and even higher compliance rates, Market share compromise. As in August this year, T3 travel is punished in Hefei, Nanchang and other places in Hefei, Nanchang. Cao Cao travels, and the number of online approximation vehicles such as the first steep car is also punished by the driver’s violation operations.

The reporter also found in the survey that the current ratio of the net approximately non-\”compliance\” is not small. In the 20 network of net approximation, 18 drivers did not obtain the net approximately mobile phone license and the network of mobile certificates in the 20 network of net approxishes, the reporter surveyed. One driver got dual certificate, and one driver has achieved the network of the bus driver’s card.

Picture Source: Tibetan

In these drivers, most drivers are a full-time webmaster driver, a small part as part-time driver. One of the part-time drivers said to reporters that he will run a network in the main business, and earn some extra fast. He believes that as a flexible employment, the part-time webmark driver \”does not need\” application double certificate.

Zhao Bo (pseudonym) is a fast train driver on the dripping platform. It is also the only two-person full-time webmaster driver in this respondent. He revealed to the reporter that if it is a local household registration, we must first take the net appointment driver’s card, and then delegate the platform to apply for webmobile transportation certificates. \”Local people want to take the driver’s card is very simple, just need to be familiar with the next question before the exam. As long as you want to test, you can test it.\” Zhao Bo said. 多地加强网约车合规监管,但仍有司机直言“没必要”申请“双证”,专家这一建议有望提速行业合规化

However, the reporter also found in the process of investigation, many local network of mobile phone users would rather brave the risk of being fined, and they are not happy to apply for dual programs. A net approximator driver who did not want to be named said that the reporter said that due to the transfer of more insurance costs and personal income tax, it is necessary to force the vehicle after using 8 years or over 600,000 kilometers, it is not necessary. Less like he is the same Beijing local driver does not apply for a double certificate.

The reporter reviews \”Motor Vehicle Enforcement Standards\”, \”Interim Measures for the Administration of Motor Taxi Drivers’ Personal Income Tax Levity\” Discovery, Transfer to Compliance Network The car requires the vehicle to be a new car, and there is a mandatory scrap period, while the driver must pay personal income tax and increase the vehicle annual inspection frequency. \”If you do not apply to a run vehicle, then these problems can be avoided.\” The above network said that the driver said to the reporter.

In this context, a large number of illegal operations networks have a potential threat to the taxi industry, the legal rights, regional governance, etc.

\”Due to the phenomenon of missed tax, low-cost subsidies, a large number of illegally operated webmarks compared to the Internet, and the formal taxi has obvious advantages, which will pass unfair competition. The legal rights of the two.In order to increase the number of compliance rates, the network approach is avoided, and there may be a phenomenon that the compliance driver order is secretly transferred to the non-compliance driver, so it is necessary to strengthen management. \”Independent Motor Analyst Zhang Xiang said to reporters.

The webline platform should give the compliance driver to send a single

Although the number of foreign drivers in the Beijing area of \u200b\u200bthe Beijing area is a lot, However, some changes in the Beijing Net Totoachi industry also let Liu Feng have begun to worry.

In the investigation, the reporter found that there is \”Double Correction\” in the \”\” Double Correction \”\” \”Some people have no car The \”There is no one without a person with a car certificate\”. Among them, the last three belong to illegal operation.

There is a webmark driver says the reporter if the platform is no longer accepted Unlicensed driver, will change the platform to travel online, even out of the platform, privately pull it, do \”black car\” business.

Image Source: Tibet

In the process of native and regulatory development of the network, as the intermediate link of industry regulations, drivers and passengers, the webline platform is the key to promoting compliance operations.

A non-founded person said to reporters, domestic The webmark industry has a long-term \”inferior coin expelled\” phenomenon. \”Some platforms have got a greater market share and single amount by absorbing excessive operating power, making it difficult to develop compliance capacity. The net approximation of the net approximation is high, but in recent years, the low-cost vicious competition in many platforms has led to limited funds available, and some platforms are difficult to invest enough funds in compliance work. \”The person said.

多地加强网约车合规监管,但仍有司机直言“没必要”申请“双证”,专家这一建议有望提速行业合规化 Director of the Automobile Industry Innovation Research Center of the North University of Technology, Ji Xuehong believes that if you want to improve the order compliance rate, it can support the driver to support the driver, and encourage the company. With the order.

\”In certain cases, the platform can be allocated to the compliance driver in order, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of illegal operations. However, in some powerful big cities such as Beijing, there may be short-term compliance. In order to improve the compliance and transportation power, the platform can consider the cost that the partial transfer to the compliance operation vehicle needs to pay, such as the scrap cost of the vehicle. \”Ji Xuehong said to the reporter.

But the above-mentioned non-named people said to reporters:\” Many network reception platforms are reluctant to take prioritize compliance costs, which is a big problem that promotes the regulatory of networks. \”

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