How to make money from Acting Xiao Mengho (How to apply for Xiao Meng Xio Agency)

What does Xiao Mengxi Oil Diaper Shear Sales mean? In fact, it is very simple.


Xiaomengxio diapers

The careful treasure mother may find, the small Meng Xi upgrade of the listed in 2017, in each pack of diapers or There is a QR code on the top of the draw! To set the 2nd dimension: First, in order to prevent the breeding of false small cute (recently a false Xiaomei Xiki diaper on the Internet) The second is to trace the sales path of each pack of diapers.

The so-called splicing is to cut the anti-counterfeiting trace codes on the diaper or the pull pants in order to not be treated with their own missed behavior. Sales sold in the e-commerce platform at low prices!

小萌希奥纸尿裤剪码销售是什么意思? Xiao Meng Xio anti-counterfeiting traceability

小萌希奥纸尿裤剪码销售是什么意思? Anti-counterfeiting query results

The problems of this cutting diapers include:

1, true and false goods Selling, some buyers feedback received spliced \u200b\u200bdiapers and previously used diapers with four-dimensional code, have obvious differences, work, texture, and surface layers.

2, there is a case where diaper is contaminated, some splicing diapers are cut in an unmancing environment, and some diapers have infiltrated into unknown liquids. Some buyers have bought back, and found some diapers to have yellow brown. Liquid stains.

3, into the insect, some buyers feedback when I buy genuine, I found that the bug, suspected of cockroaches. Because Xiaomei’s diapers are all stain treated, there is dirty diaper directly scrapped, and all sterile production of Xiaomei Xio plant is impossible. Therefore, the bug can only be drilled in the hole of the cutting.

Tablet Xiaomei Xikai diaper 小萌希奥纸尿裤剪码销售是什么意思?

4, after sale, some buyers just bought this Taobao shop splicing diaper found size to buy a wrong, ready to return The store is under the store shop, can’t find the seller unable to sell after-sales rights. Because Xiaomei Xio official severely crack down on various e-commerce platforms, it has been jointly investigated together to find out the price store found together with the Taobao intellectual property platform. There are many times, I have found a lot of the price stores are a heart shop, and even short-term brushing to diamond stores will also be searched by the store overnight. Regular Taobao authorized stores support for 7 days or even 15 days worry-free retreat. For example, Taobao: 爱 mother maternal and child shop, not only support for 15 days return and give freight insurance, allergic bags and other services.

Annima, who bought a formal way

children’s personal hygiene supplies are not tolerable, do not use the unidentified hygiene supplies for your baby’s health. So as low as small and cheap.

In 2019, Xiaomei Xio increased the fight against the market order, each pack of diapers, larra trousers, tidal trace, so that the price is nowhere. Seriously maintain the market order of diaper.

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