How to make money in Huang Bow (What to make money in Buffalo)

Source: Red Food Network

In recent years, the Yellow cattle this line gradually infiltrated into the catering industry, and there is a caterer feels that they sit The price, disrupting the market order; there are also senior people to explode, a lot of yellow cattle and restaurant are a group … What is going on?

Short long, Shenzhen tea Yan Yue color Shenzhen fast flash shop opened, there is a yellow cattle who started queuing in the morning, \”If you want to buy Detecting the deposit, the queue is 31 yuan per hour, a cup of two hundred, the distribution fee is 100 yuan to 200 yuan. \”

月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”? A cup of milk is actually speculated by two or three hundred yuan, the catering industry’s yellow cattle is again Push to the tip of the wind.

The catering yellow cattle row line 20,000

has developed a industrial chain 月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”?

\”Beijing? Shanghai? The ticket is going to cut? \”The earliest period of the ox, through the major railway stations and bus stops in the Chinese people.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the catering industry, the yellow cattle has also begun to infiltrate into the catering industry, and there is a complete industrial chain in the vicinity of the major network red hot pot restaurants, and even develop a complete industrial chain.

1. 300 yuan a cup to sell milk tea, sell hot pots to the month

Shenzhen tea Yan Yue color flash shop opened on the day, a scene of the yellow cattle in front of the front After the long team of rear, \”500 cups, drink in twenty minutes, or you will try to see eight hours!\” The crowd of hot weather is in a piece, but there is no way.

The back of this phenomenon is that the product is hot, or the supply and demand caused by the merchant marketing planning.

A yellow cattle who buys tea Yan tells the red meal network (ID: hongcan18), he started queuing from eight o’clock in the morning, it has already been ranked for more than 6 hours, but also have one or two It can be placed hours, because the queue is not easy, plus each person is limited to four cups, the original price of 10-25 yuan milk tea is only fried to 150-300 yuan a cup.

△ screenshot a yellow bull friend circle

\”The annual income is about 300 pieces, it is forty or five hundred. One month can earn thousands Let’s disclose this yellow cattle.

Previously, Jay Chou’s milk tea shop \”Maiji\” opened in Shanghai Zhongshan 2nd Road, the door is also rolled in the morning, and a cup of milk tea is also fried to 300 yuan. When \”Maiji\” opened in Hangzhou, the queue was waiting for an hour and a half, and the yellow cattle had to have 500 yuan a cup. 月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”?

, Jiangsu Nanjing, a net red hot pot restaurant has also been alerted by the yellow cattle, and the alarm is three times in one day.Hot search. It is understood that this hot pot restaurant is very hot, often difficult to seek first, so it is stared by the ox. The yellow cattle frys a piece of 4,000 yuan, and the monthly income of the queue is even more than 20,000 yuan.

2. Bull generation has developed into an industrial chain, there is a team unified operation

Red meal network reporter search for \”branch, generation\”, I found a lot of unified goods with a unified goods, and there seems to be a unified company in operation, so it has been investigated by ordinary consumers.

The reporter first asked the multi-bit number of firepot stores \”whether there is company unified operation\”, most of the yellow cattle \”has been read until\”, there is a yellow cattle to reply to the reporter, \”everyone is not easy.\” Don’t ask too much. \”

and then the reporter found a batch of\” yellow cattle \”that came into charge. A tea-in-law of the yellow cattle, the knot, the talents, and the team will share, \”Sometimes there are customers who have no goods, sometimes there is no customer.\”

△ Red Food Network Xiaobian and the Bull Team Dialogue screenshot

After adding a journalist’s WeChat, it revealed that he is working a yellow cattle. The team, the main business in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou, the business is quite good. He also \”refers to the road\” to the reporter: \”You have a link on your own fish. If you have a good thing, you can make a four or five hundred dollars a day.\”

From the investigation results After most of the bulldies, there is indeed the traces of the team, and the initiative promotion, the initiative, the employment, and the implementation, etc., which constitutes a simple but complete industrial chain.

月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”? As an example, according to the return of the red meal network, many Huangniu team members will not personally go to the queue, but hire some middle-aged and elderly people who have repeatedly queued, and there are many uncle moms who have free time. One degree Become the most popular yellow cattle labor.

In addition to middle-aged and old people, the yellow cattle also likes to hire a relative relationship. The benefits are very labor costs, usually only need to pay a must-be taken of the employer.

△ Image Source: Red Food Network

Previously, one netizen broke the news, once encountered towards the mouth Milk tea shop, yellow, two middle-aged women, one middle-aged man and a young woman holding a child, the previous purchase, the rear sales, clear division of labor, cooperation is very tacit.

It is understood that this yellow cattle gang is in business, with more than 8,000 yuan / day, net earning is not less than 5700 yuan, and the month earns can reach 170,000. In the case where sales and price are reduced, we can earn approximately 1800 yuan a day, and the month earns 54,000 yuan.

月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”? About Bull Queuing

Consumers and caterers are all talks

Today, it is advisable to queue in Queau, consumers and catering merchants. However, everyone’s views of the yellow cattle have been talking, and they are mixed.

1. Consumers: Some people recognize the yellow cattle, some people hate the yellow cattle

Some consumers feel that many business restaurant rings to the team really spent time, paying the money to hire the yellow cattle queue, and No intercourse, no trouble, there is nothing unreasonable to take a disorder. \”The Yellow Niu Dynasty queued his time and labor. I don’t think there is no problem.\” 月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”?

\”Do not steal, the hatred is no problem, some people are willing to change time, some people are willing to use time to change money It is very good to promote employment. \”

△ Image Source: Red Food Network

and some consumers believe that the Bull is divided, Decorating the market order and has a great impact on the catering consumption experience.

\”These so-called yellow cows seize the consumption quota of the restaurant, so that the real customer can’t buy it, I can only buy it from them. This disturbed the normal order.\” \”If you eat, you will be experienced, if you are In the future, everyone invited the yellow cattle to spend the money. The food is not losing. \”

2. Catering business: some silent, some boycott, some is a gas

Compared to the polarization of the consumer, the attitude of the catering merchant is much more. 月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”?

Red meal network survey found that some catering stores have closed a eye to the yellow cattle, think that the yellow cow does not affect his business, and will create a hot atmosphere in the store.

Some catering stores have boycotted the yellow cattle and took a series of initiatives to prevent ox.

△ Image Source: Red Food Network

Previously, Shenzhen tea Yan Yue color issued an announcement, \”We do not support any generation queue, purchase Waiting for the behavior, I also hope that everyone is rational consumption \”, and emphasizes that the sources of milk tea sold by the yellow cattle are unknown, the production and transportation environment cannot be tracked, and the after-sales work cannot be guaranteed.

The relevant person in charge of the tea also said that in front of the yellow cattle, her tea is also a victim. For the purchase of products, her tea cannot monitor and ensure the quality, there is a risk of food, do not recommend everyone to use.

There are still some catering stores, and the Huang Niu Party is gone, and the Huang Niu is queued as a marketing means to create a false hot scene.

In 2018, a Wuhan store of Bao Master was exposed to hiring the Yellow Cattle Vacuation Team, and the yellow cat was mixed in ordinary customers. Then the back to the back of the kitchen. Energy can earn 25 yuan to 30 yuan \”labor fee\”. After the incident was exposed, Bao Master apologized, the number of queues in the store was 70%, the extentThe cliff \”diving\” is shown.

月入2万,与餐厅勾结!餐饮黄牛产业链有多“火”? △ Image Source: Red Food Network


Faced with an endless yellow cattle queuing dramatic event, a senior catering review Tell the red meal network, the yellow cattle stirped a cup of milk tea to two or three hundred, it should be a planned incident marketing, which is a variety of queue marketing:

\”The price of milk tea itself must seriously deviate from the market, followed by cost consideration If it is a marketing, you can only do it in a store or a small area. If it is true, then it will not be affected, it should be a large area of \u200b\u200bmany stores will have this phenomenon. In addition, the goods are speculated so If you have any customers, there will be a lot of money, but it will never have a long time for a long time. After all, the catering products are not as long-term investment value as luxury goods. \”

Red meal network believes that in the final analysis, the Bulls, the generation Buying a prevail, is the rapidly developing product of the current catering market.

Part of the yellow cattle does interfere with the order of the catering market, and there are also some food safety, which requires regulators, merchants and consumers to standardize, rectify and guide, and create a benign market environment.

As for those caterers, the red meal network, the red meal network, who employed the Yellow cattle, the hiring the yellow cattle, which may bring short-term business for the store, but can not continue, consumers are very smart, once there is no good dining Experience, or aware of the trick of the merchant, it will be lost immediately. Don’t want to take shortcuts, and finally lift your own feet.

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