How to make money in micro shadow film resources (how to make money in small film company)

\”1-30 episodes have already, automatically reply to take it.\” Chang brush Weibo people must see this sentence. A film and television drama has just been in the world, and some people will claim to share video resources in the relevant microblogging. They only need to be awarded or private letter. This is the legendary \”resource party\”. Some of them will be profitable through selling, and some are free sharing, then profit from other ways. So, where is their resources come, how much can you earn, how to make money? Is these behaviors legal? China News (WeChat public number: CNS2012) reporter launched a survey.

揭秘影视资源倒卖利益链 代理微影涉嫌侵权 \”Resource Party\” in Weibo comments. Weibo screenshot

pays 198 yuan to become a member, one day earn 200

\”Fanghua\”, \”Demon Cat\”, \”The Wind of the List\”, \”Star Detective\”, This is the most popular film and television drama and variety show, but also the main content of the \”Resources Party\”.

The reporter privately believed a blogger A, who could provide resources, and she told reporters to add WeChat, and note the reproduction of resources. After adding, the reporter quickly received the resource link of this blogger, but the other party said that the first time to take the red envelope can be free, but then take the \”single portion 5, two 8.88 pieces, multiple discounts.\”

Blogger A told reporters that she is very full, I want to see what drama can come to her, and a lot of old customers, don’t worry about running. At the cover of the other party, there is a description of \”consulting agent\”. The other party told reporters that this is a \”miniature shadow\” agent. After a proxy member, you can also watch the drama and make money. She claimed that she earned more than 200 yesterday. And the agent needs to pay 198 yuan agency fee. After a member, there will be special training, including how to find a drama, how to sell drama, how to attract customers.

So, where is the resource come from? The other party said that after the member, the reporter will be pulled into a resource group, and the resource group will update the resources every day, and the special team is working, but the other party does not will not reveal what the so-called team is. The other party also said that he can also search for resources, and the team will provide channels for search resources, such as some resource search engines.

In addition to the video resources, the other party also recommends a proxy for a film and television member, such as a video site of a video website takes 30 yuan for a month, and when she bought it, only half of it is Price, the agency fee is 38 yuan.

To be a member to pay 198 yuan agency fee. Chat screenshot

There are a lot of chaos, is there any hope? 揭秘影视资源倒卖利益链 代理微影涉嫌侵权

Blogger A said they all sent resources alone and from the public release of resource links. Another \”resource party\” is different, and their base is mainly on Weibo. \”This is also a miniature, but it is only the purpose of everyone.\” The blogger A frank.

\”At 8:00 every night, I will renew the resource. I will receive it. I will make another one in the next morning.\” The resource blogger B wrote on the top Weibo. With a timely update and free service service, the blogger B has accumulated more than 80,000 fans. But recently, she began to guide the fans to the trumpet, and the large content is changed, and in her profile, they write \”I want to be a marketing number\”. At the same time, she also opened a WeChat public number, providing a finishing film and television resource, and set up a business partner entrance. However, no matter from the number of microblogs, the number of microblogs is still in the WeChat reading, it is necessary to become a marketing number. She is still very long.

The blogger A has said that the sales resources are relatively simple, as long as the link is issued, the red envelope will be closed, which seems to be \”relaxed\” to make moneymen road also attracted some people. However, in fact, it is not so easy to make money. Online \”Resource Party\”, how to stand out, attract customers, this step is hard. The online information update is very fast, and a message is easy to be overwhelmed. Some people will advertise by buying, buy comments, etc., but may also have an advertisement that is not good, it is difficult to come. An anonymous netizen said that he had wanted to earn some pocket money, so he did a miniature shadow, but after paying the agency fee, after the advertisement, it was blocked, and it was more hopeless.

Due to the low threshold, micro shadows also attracted a lot of chaos. A plurality of dramas have just been broadcast, and some people claim to have complete works, this scam is often happening. Some will receive the money and don’t give resources. Some netizens said that I have added a \”resource party\”, but I didn’t buy the other party in the end, and I changed the micro signal to him, bringing a lot of trouble.

\”Resources Party\” will always follow the most popular film and television dramas. \”The Wind of the List\” Poster

Infringement of copyright, you need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility

\”Movie TV drama works, all are protected by China\” Copyright Law \”, no person The film and television copyright owner is permitted, unauthorized on the information network, whether through WeChat, website, network disk or any other form, may be suspected of constituting the copyright violations. \”For this phenomenon, Li Weihua, Shanghai Dacheng Law Firm Lawyer The new network reporter said that the copyright needs to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

揭秘影视资源倒卖利益链 代理微影涉嫌侵权 Li Weihua, said that if the rights of the film and television drama, if you prosecute unauthorized spread, share the behavior of the film and television works, the actors need to undertake the corresponding civil liability, including stop infringement, economic compensation.

At the same time, the copyright administrative authority can also investigate the infringement, requiring the actors to undertake the corresponding administrative responsibilities, including order to stop the infringement, confiscate illegal income, fine. If the circumstances are serious, it may also be investigated for criminal responsibility based on the provisions of the Criminal Law on invappropriation of copyright.

In recent years, with the InternetPopularization and development, network video users have expanded, and the network video industry is constantly developing. The protection of all parties to network video is also increasing.

Since 2005, the National Copyright Administration has repeatedly carried out the \”Jian Net Action\” of combating network infringement piracy, where the protection of copyright of film and television work has always been focus. In 2017, the copyright protection of film and television works is included in the main task of special actions. Through network disk sharing, polymer chains, applications, Weibo WeChat, forum communities, etc., the behavior of pirated film and television works is also one of the contents of centralized rectification. .

\”Reporting this type of piracy, first there must be evidence, such as resource links, trading channels, etc., the entire transaction process should be recorded, and then the online platform can be reported through the online platform. \”A staff member of the Office of Working Group, see such a phenomenon, you can also inform the manufacturer, and the willingness to fight piracy is more important.

\”Don’t think that the standard for violations of copyright is very high.\” Li Weimar said that the legal awareness of the \”Resources Party\” needs to be strengthened, according to my country’s Supreme Court, the most inspected judicial explanation, if behavior If the person is permitted by the copyright owner, it is convicted of the discounted amount of people with the purpose of the profit of the film and television works, and the amount of the illegal income can be printed. (End)

(Source: China News Network)

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