How to make money in the auto insurance (do you make money to make money?)

With the development of society and the economy, the car has already entered the families of ordinary people, and the followed is an unavoidable traffic accident. But the problem of cars insurance has made many car owners feel weak. Therefore, buying insurance to car is an effective measure to avoid the risk of vehicles. In fact, insurance claims is to pay attention to skills. If you learn to make a good compensation skills in advance, it will be relaxed during the claim, and there is a lot of simple.


The first time report

At present, the auto insurance provisions of each insurance company have provisions. After an insurance accident, the insured needs to occur in an insurance accident. The insurance company is notified in time. Otherwise, if the loss cannot be determined or expanded, the insurance company does not assume compensation responsibility, so the report must be timely.

When reporting the case, it should be determined and remember to have a certificate or document that shall be provided by the claim shall be provided with a rapid treatment of rapid treatment. Vehicle driving license, motor vehicle traffic accident rapid processing protocol, accident vehicle policy and certificate document of vehicle loss.


First, the maintenance of the car

Some owners believe that as long as the vehicle has a collision, it can be compensated by the insurance company. After the collision, they are eager to drive. To repair the factory, this idea is wrong. If you don’t understand the car insurance claims process, you will not use the first repair, and the insurance company will lack an objective accident checking process. Therefore, the owner must wait for the loss of staff to find the site and present the authority of the damaged document, then leave the scene, so that it will be able to achieve a smooth claim.

The Insurance Industry Association said it must be repaired after repair, and do not notify the insurance company until the insurance company is repaired before the insurance company confirms the vehicle’s loss. The insurance contract is generally agreed. Re-approved, the insurer has the right to refuse compensation. \”

Mastering claim skills and methods

关于车险理赔,你需要知道这些 Many owners are often in the process of seeking traffic accident insurance compensation It will bring yourself a lot of trouble because you are not familiar with the process. Traffic Accident Insurance compensation process can generally be divided into four main part of the report, survey, loss and nuclear price, submit documents, etc. In addition to routine, owners should also understand some of the details.

First, the insurance claims recommendation is personally handled, if you need to entrust the agent to act as a claim, try not to give the original ID card, at the same time The process of car repair ensures the quality of repair.

Second, with vehicle maintenance costs and personnelThe continuous improvement of the disability compensation standards, the low insurance has not been able to meet the compensation needs, it is recommended that consumers purchase more than 300,000 yuan of business third party liability insurance, which can achieve more sufficient guarantee when accidents occur.

关于车险理赔,你需要知道这些 Third, when the car is in different places, the owner must report in time, waiting for the rescue of dangerous and minimally damaged and site survey.The owner must not repair the car or a human cart, because the trail is caused by the launch of the car, and the dangerous enterprises are usually not responsible for claim.If the human cart, the accident will undermine the accident, which will cause great difficulty to survey.

The above is the claim process and tips to share it, but the money to buy a car is nothing more than a guarantee, but also carefully drive an accident is more important.

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