How to make money in the Dragon, how much is the legend of the legend?

Guo Service 1.20 will officially launch the New Year version, the same period will launch the eighth season war order, although it is tempting to take the event of the task, but have to say that the activity reward is still quite good, especially to the full level One of the robe, it is the key to the Nonautical Party, and here will first take a look at all kinds of dress appeared in the battle.

Classic Replica: Dragon Stroke + Ninja DNF:第8季战令装扮展示!屠龙刀再次上线,忍者套又美又飒

First is that each war is active, exclusive weapon dress and fashion, but worth it One mentioned, this section 8 season war fashion and weapon dress is \”replica\”, say goodbye to the classic, make up for the regret that the player has never participated; saying that the real point is \”fried rice\”, crazy fried rice, not Push new, make up the old man.

This battle can still get 2 weapons and dress, the model is basically divided into 2 colors, orange The weapon is called \”Red Dragon\”, the blue weapon is called \”Canglong\”.


The most classic, which is the \”Dragon Sword\” of the ghost swords, quite a legendary knife 999 style, if add The last set of fashion, I don’t know, I thought it was playing the legend; the fire swordsman’s round moon knife is more excellent, the slender front is convivalent, regarding the value of this dress.

This set of fashion totals a total of 3 colors, players can choose freely, individuals still feel that the initial color (A) is more classic, beautiful and 飒, The black color is done, and the male profession will be wrapped in a strict, the female profession is in the long legs, especially the guardian, cute Meng Meng painting, who can be refused?


It is a pity that as the exclusive fashion, it is impossible to trade, and it cannot be decomposed. It can only be left to warm party players. In fact, it is also quite good to take it.

Self-selected fashion set + sky lobe

In addition to the exclusive dress, you can also get a few fashion gift boxes, these fashion can be broken down:

2 pieces of sky, one is \”4 / day 4 sets\”, can only choose the sixth phase of the sky, can be used to synthesize the second robe; a \”self-selected sky\”, any selection period, part, suggestions, and previous optional sky Together, make a complete set of sky to trigger special effects. DNF:第8季战令装扮展示!屠龙刀再次上线,忍者套又美又飒

Open-out set of free gift boxes, 1 set (self-selected) from 3 sets of dress, 20 years new spring set, 20 years five sets 20 years of golden autumn sets.

The golden autumn set is a female ghost sword light devil suit that she recalled in the previous time. At that time, a set of fashion was seven or eight million, now directly white, I really don’t knowIt is a conscience or a back thorn, but this is fully explained, and Arad does not exist!

Finally, it was \”lobe\”, and unfortunately, it is the second call. It is also an indirect explanation. The new spring set will not launch a new robes. It is clear that it is a good cut. I didn’t launch a new robe. This year, the new year’s fashion estimation has to be reduced.


Overall evaluation under this war, the mid-rulement, no surprises, no surprise, 4900 coupons can be full of all rewards, not Being puddled, fashion weapons dressing did not have unexpected surprises, which may be unfair than old players.

Supplemented an external issue, this war is actually a little \”castration\”, before 100 levels will send a gold library expansion coupon, the new warrant is actually gone, it is too much!

Personal Summary DNF:第8季战令装扮展示!屠龙刀再次上线,忍者套又美又飒 Is the new battles worth buying? If you can upgrade to full level, that person thinks, it is very necessary, a single lobe, sky, more than 4900 coupons, not to mention other material props, etc.;

If you can’t get a full level, such as the short online time, there is no time to do a task, or don’t bought it, it is not too much substantial improvement.

PS: Before starting the Spring Festival, you can buy the battles first, but the consumption of the pay truce does not increase the war.

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