How to make money in the parents lesson (excellent parents professional class) Shanxi Comprehensive Editor, \”Excellent Parents Professional Class\” is the first time in our city. The event was hosted by Lu Liang Excellence Parent Culture Communication Co., Ltd., hosted by Shanxi Yongyi Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. More than 200 parents from Lu Liang’s counties (city, districts) listened to the course.

Hong Kong Excellence Parent International Research Institute has been in more than two years, they have spread all over Beijing, Guangdong Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and a speech. On the scene, Wang Wei, a parent-child lecturer, a vivid example, a vivid example, a vivid example, and guided parents to help children play creativity and release depressed vitality. Thereby retrieving positive motivation such as learning and life. At the same time, how to cultivate the relationship between children’s learning interest, learning ability, and improve learning efficiency, establish a harmonious mutual assistance, and cultivate and improve personality. Parents said that this course is closely related to life, and they will benefit much from it.

(Reporter Zhang Xiaomei)

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