How to make money in the volcano (how to play the volcano to make money)

I believe that the friends who play today’s headline know that this app called volcanic video is the \”big son\” of today’s head hatch, opened up a new short video, and the biggest difference between the fast hand is short. Video can make money, this is also the most critical reason for the volcanic small video once on the star APP list. There is this friend at this moment, this is unquestionable.


Volcanic small video

First let’s first understand the rules of the volcanic small video, the volcanic video is a platform for only 15 second original short video , Can attract someone to pay attention to the short video, get fans, then how do we use volcanic videos to make money? Yes, that is the firepower value, what is the firepower value? What is the criteria to judge what criteria?

火山小视频日入过百的5个小技巧! The firepower value of volcanic small video is white, 10 firepower value \u003d 1 yuan, the evaluation criterion is based on the sharpness, playback and number of interactions (point Like comments) Decided, the volcanic small video withdraws is truly second, and there is no upper limit.

How can we make this short 15 second original video? Most of thinking is to be a \”nature porter\”. Go to the big short video platform to search for others’ works to the volcanic small video, but I remind everyone that you are using the useless work, today’s headline detection The algorithm can judge whether you have original, with it, it is better to make a brain.

Fire-value growth cheats:

1. Use the volcanic video comes with the shooting tool to perform vertical screen, remember that the video captured by the horizontal screen is only to pay attention to your talent.

2, the video picture is clear, any exposure, blurred, jitter, and how much fire is not growing.

3, video content is interesting, there is a point, such as shooting beauty dancing, if you just take some unspeakable things, such as shooting roadside scenery, children, these It is not to make a few firepower.

4, frequently and reply your netizens interact, all reply, don’t be trouble, this is a penny.

5, sustainability: Continue to output a work every day, which is conducive to growth of firepower value.

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