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财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

Text: 2139 words, expected reading time: 5 minutes 财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

Netizen said, 40 years old, people and people What is fighting, it is \”After the income of sleep, the simple metaphor is lying down and sleeps, and can have money to pay. This money determines everyone’s life, is free to moisturize, or is it difficult to be sleepy.

财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”? After you have a lot of friends to earn money, you will choose to do some investments, such as buy shops, buy apartments, and some people buy funds, stocks, or investment some stable Small projects of the benefits, etc. Everyone is actually quite safe. It is trying to have a \”income after going to bed\”, so that the future of the road is relaxed.

Since \”After the income\” is so important, what is it realized? Everyone’s situation is different, and the choice is different. For ordinary people, the implementation of revenue after sleeping is mainly such a few more. 财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

01, there is no foundation, please complete the original accumulation

If you have no foundation, then you have to complete the first step, that is the wealth The original accumulation, this step is fundamentally, you want to have one million, you have to have 100,000, you have a million, it is too difficult to say for ordinary people. 财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

At this stage of completing the original accumulation of wealth, it will be very hard, and it is difficult, not to work hard, but to be very hard, so please bite your teeth. At the same time, we must learn to be smart. If you know how to use external forces, don’t just know how to worry, smart efforts, you can maximize your efforts, so that this phase can be completed at the fastest speed.

02, open source throttling, double-tube, when you have not fully realized freedom of wealth, please be sure to remember these eight words: open source throttle, dual tube.

财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

Multi-channel makes money, while paying attention to the throttle, use the money on the blade. Many people’s income is also not low, but there are not many reasons for deposits. It is often unreasonable, and there is a very annoying traitor, that is: It is difficult to earn, not spent. People are not unable to enjoy, the premise is that you have to have a certain condition.

财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”? 03, optimize the income architecture, let money, money

After going to bed, it is white to let money, and you will earn money from \”people earn money \”This is liberated in things, and it is not necessary to pay the necessary labor to make money. Based on this idea, we must optimize income architecture and find ways to letMoney played its effect and turned into your employees to help you \”money money\”.

财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

The case of everyone is different, and this optimization is different. Fighting \”After the income of sleep\”, it is actually a business. Improve the level of money can we find the money trick as soon as possible.

Charlie Mango said: There is nothing more helpful to me in my long life. Learning is the fastest way you progress. 财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

04, how to achieve your \”post-sleep income\”?

First, please correct your attitude, let go of \”One Night Fur\” idea, the tempting \”After going to bed\” is just a result, you will be able to get \”After you will be\”, you will bring you more. Anxiety, correctly understand \”After the income of sleep\”, what is it related to?

财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

Correctly understand the generation and essence of \”revenue after going to bed\” can we find the direction and achieve your \”revenue after sleep\”. Specific methods are actually different from person to person, there are several principles can be referred to:

First, find you good, play the advantage as soon as possible.

财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”? Every person is different, some are born, some are the younger you have accumulated, these will form your own advantages, these areas are the easiest to achieve \”post-sleep after sleep\”, choose you The field that is good at may eventually get \”revenue after sleep\”, but it may accumulate less accumulation.

Second, grasp your daily controllable factors, accumulate every day.

The core is: the attention is greater than the time greater than money. In this formula, I also imply a relationship, which is to look at whether you are controllable, the most controlled, time time, the last is money, it is difficult to rise, it is easy to fight for time, and attention It is you can master, so, cherish your attention to your attention is to go up. 财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

These things are not as difficult as they look, and even more and more simple trends. For example, in the past, only the written book was officially published to get the royalty, and now many people write the WeChat public number to open the \”reward\” function, and the income will be higher, this is the trend.

Over time, you will find \”deliberate\” power is still quite magical, and finally you will find that those who sound like he say, \”Missing will not forget There is a response \”, in fact, it is really an objective existence. 财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

The third is to learn to make our wealth yourself to value.

The most common in life, the most operative \”revenue after going to bed\” is the deposit and investment income. You must alwaysEnhance your own financial knowledge, investment knowledge and professional skills.In fact, the intellectual property income mentioned earlier is the best reflection: only your knowledge skills are sufficiently perfect, and it is really worth it, it can eventually become \”revenue after going to bed.\”财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

Therefore, I believe that everyone has already understood, I want to lying down, it is impossible to get it.Learn to reasonably consume, plan assets, growth knowledge, and output presentation is the key to obtain \”income after sleep\”.

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财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”? Your professional financial planning consultant

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财商升级 | 如何实现你的“睡后收入”?

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