How to make money on Taobao shop at the end of the year

[Write in front] After the double eleven pairs of twelve and the upcoming New Year’s Eve, after the 10,000-year shipping, it proved that the days of the event of the event of the event will pass, so how to adjust the layout for the store Waiting for the opening of the spring, the following is the overall idea


Why is it recommended that you have finally reset over the end of the year? What did the level brought, what is lost, in fact, many small sellers have not developed the habit of summarizing the replicate, this big company is very perfect, which is why the big company is bigger, in employees It seems that there may be no effect, but if you think about the company’s perspective, the reputation summary is a very necessary job. Here, through 4 points, let’s talk about how to make a replication according to the store situation

shop data: first include basic data Count, store sales, UV, guest prices, conversion, etc. Category sales data is proportional and conversion rate, which is very clear to see which one of our store’s main sales, if it will be more convenient, it is more convenient to make a data perspective. Then the sales of hot sellers, according to the top 10 of the store sales (specifically according to the store conditions), the statistical product data is also performed, and the specific data perspective is also performed. The last population analysis, in the business staff flow module, we count our unreasonable people, the transaction population, repurchant people, gender, age, region, of course, this amount of data is slightly larger, statistics are good after each Remove your own analysis and conclusions later. Bidding data: The same is the sales data of the bidder, like the statistical methods of our own shop, more importantly, the border flow rate ratio and traffic growth trend, what nodes are comprehensively said The reason for the outbreak, outbreak is the activity, and it is promoted, or the reasons why the transformation rate is determined to be S ordinary, these are needed to do specific analysis, then according to the profit margin of peers, you can calculate the competition. The store’s profitable situation, through our own payment promotion unit price to count the promotion cost of the bidding, basically know that this store or single product per month will, help our own improvement plan. There is also the daily activities of the bidder. This is very necessary. Every time I live, I will take the border home, member page, customer service chat page, and details related to the page. I know yourself and know each other. . Paying promotion: Here is mainly to count our promotional benefits, spend, click quantity, PPC, ROI, conversion rate, click rate. It is best to count on a single product, and then statistically in the store. The whole store is mainly to promote the promotion benefits. Is it a whole to profit or a loss, so that you will do a single product analysis, which item main loss, whichThe single product is mainly profitable. After analysis, you will see the loss. The product is because the click rate is too low, the PPC is too high, the conversion rate is too low, or the word problemThis is finally resolved in the concrete problem.Summary: One summary summarizes the current situation of the entire store, nothing is to make money began to lose money, what kind of product to make money, the loss is the few products, why, why, how to lose, passMarket data analysis can not be profitable or profitable and balanced, you can’t do it in time, and make a summary of similar project assessments, how to determine our follow-up operation, if notDo this loss, then which product is needed, what is the same, what is to do, is S single, train, or old customers, do a good job in advance, growth plan, do a good loss, do the biggestStrive to reduce the possibility of loss

Basically, the overall idea is similar, if there is a problem or recommend welcome to comment or private letter, everyone discusses the growth of learning growth!

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