How to make money on volcanic small video (volcanic video can make money)

This is when I just played a volcanic video, I sent a video. I didn’t know how to suddenly fire. After more than 500 red hearts gave more than 50 yuan. At that time, a red heart was about 1 cent, if moreSeveral videos, can you still have to go to work?


Later, I found a lot of videos, of which two videos were more fire, and the single benefit was more than 20 yuan, I don’t know how dozen the online red hearts online.How much is the income?If you have, I hope that I will send me a screenshot when I comment.

火山小视频500多个红心收益50多元 When the running business was often out, they took the scenery and interesting things. In fact, these two income are most, I personally don’t thinkHow exciting, but I don’t know how to comment. I have to comment. I have more pictures. I also took a lot of parks, the scenery, I feel beautiful, even the voice is also carefully selected, but I don’t know what is going on.It is very few comments, and later I simply put the volcanic small video as a software that records my life.

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