How to make money (play the game legend can make money)

Hello, I am Xiaoxiao today talking to everyone, now there is a lot of gold legend in the market, most of them are in the scorpion of gold, and there is no better than the previous blood legend, everyone It should have experience in making money in the legend of the blood? Next, let’s take a few places that can make money

1, make a fortune

In the Wal-Mart forest, the nail cat belongs to the low level of creatures, generally living in the entrance to Women Forest There is basically no nail cat in the depth. But if you encounter a nail cat in the depths of Womerson, they will generally explode, leaving a few big stack of gold coins (2000 piles) and ebony swords


2, with Poison

Shocking is the spell that Taoist 14 can practice. Before the Taoist has not learned the soul fire, it is the main force of the Taoist attack, so as a soldier in this stage, collect medicinal materials The preparation of poison is sold to the Taoist is a good way to get rich

Configuring a small amount of poison can be sold to 500-4000 gold coins, and very best-selling, go to Womer Forest to dig at least the medicine is at least one Three-pack poison, you can earn 10,000 gold coins at a time, there will be enough for the drug!


Collection of medicinal materials: Woma forest has a lot of food and poisonous spiders, food people The flowers can dig out the foliage and the fruit, the poisonous spider can dig out the poisonous spider teeth, these three medicinal medicinal materials can be formulated with green powder, and they will immediately dig the medicinal materials immediately, and the bodies have been Will disappear.

The difficulty of formulation of poison is that the imbalance of the medicinal materials, in general, the eating leaves and poisonous spider teeth are easier, while the fruit is relatively small, so it is recommended to send other herbs first. Warehouse, there is time to go to the pharmacy, it is possible to buy fruit (150 gold coins)


Group level

Warrior and Taoist is this stage The best cooperation, although the warrior’s attack is high, but the gold-creatored medicine is limited, and the drug price is relatively expensive. If the same price, if all the trend, the blood is more than 5 times, the soldiers and The Taoist team is highly efficient, and the time insists is relatively long.

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