How to make money with the computer (how to make money, the computer is the fastest)

The suburbs of Dallas in the north of Dallas have a pair of entrepreneurial spirit, with a monthly income of up to $ 32,000. They are not selling lemonade along the street, but the Ethereum mining.

In March this year, the 14-year-old Ishian Tagull and the 9-year-old sister are starting with an old game computer to dig, and the university funds of the two have increased rapidly.


According to the Dallas Morning News, the first month has earned $ 1,000, and then the income has soared.

The two heard the father talked about the rise of encrypted currency, thus stimulating interest, just starting to invest in encrypted currency is too expensive. With the help of YouTube and father, the 9th Years Anya and the fourth-year Anya Society were mineralized. The two will reinvent investment, buy more equipment, because this summer chip encounters shortages, buy (mainly buy graphics cards) from nearby electronics stores.

The current two people use 94 processor to mine, accounting about 9 billion per second. If calculating is correct, you can get an encrypted currency.

The brothers and sisters gave the business as Flifer Technologies, just started in the garage, with the business development, the two will transfer most of the miners to the center of Las City with air-conditioned data centers. However, 30 graphics cards still stayed in the garage.

The two digging points consumes approximately $ 2,500 per month. Two people sold some Etherwands to pay for hardware, electricity, and data center rent, and the choice of most of the Equity Square, hoped to continue value in the future.

According to the data of CointDesk, the price of Tanfri this year increased significantly, and it has grown 334% since the beginning of the year.

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