How to make money with WeChat (how to use WeChat to make money)

For the network creation industry, whether it is the article from the media or short video from the media, or a sentence: the traffic is king.

There is no traffic, no fans are supported, you cannot be based. Just like people can’t breathe, the fish leave the water, waiting for you to extort.

Clearly a little: What traffic do you need?

Briefly, a novel CPS is required to read the novel fans who read. Do e-commerce belt, need to be a fan with Taobao customers with demand. Doing network entrepreneurship, need to rely on fans who make money to do projects.

As long as you have achievements in an industry, or interested in a certain industry, you can have your own clear positioning!

The channels of drainage are nothing more than two ways: shooting video and writing articles.

Flow acquisition, we can directly travel from the common traffic (shake, fast hand, Zhi, Weibo, Post Bar, Today, etc.), to private domain traffic (WeChat public number , Personal WeChat) drainage.

Good to directly into the subject, today give you all: Everyone can enter millions of money to make money.

Today’s case is an English teacher, specializing in the shake platform, photographing English phonetic and grammar teaching video.

The first video release time is 2018.1.1. So far, the operating time is 3 years + September.

The fans are accumulated by 6.01 million, and the work is 2444 works. Nearly 1400 days of operation, an average is 2 days to take a video and then release it.

His store has 6 items, all of themselves or team recorded virtual courses.

Let’s take a look at his income. The unit price is unified to 398. The first product is a full set of phonetic symbols, and the profit is probably 1.35 million yuan. Other courses are plus 40-500,000 Yuan profit.

Optical as a well-known course sold nearly 2 million! Short video is not only shaken a platform, and there may be an account of someone else’s account!

This is a live broadcast, and the same faster platform can also be another person, but also this, shoot a video recording course, and then live sales.

People have so many fans, advertising costs are not counted, other projects on WeChat are not counting, we can just just one account.

Other people’s team multi-account operations also have this possibility! Rough estimates, annual incoming things are easy.

Change it to you, there are so many fans, live broadcast live, you can enter millions!

There is no impossible in this society, I have seen there is a student live to write homework, and the month is 100,000.

Purely opened a live broadcast, put it there, no matter what he, it will not look at the barcation, as there is no live broadcast. The live broadcast is someone, it is someone brushing a gift.

After leaving the gift, I can’t harvest a thank you, but this does not affect it. It is still very happy!

What is the most fragrant in this era? That is the virtual knowledge payment!

Does the industry violence? Very violent! Can ordinary people can operate? As long as you think, it is not a problem.

There may be an idea to enter a short video, but it is not shooting, not clip, so you will give up.

Actually, there is nothing to get, it will not be self-study. Netease Cloud Classroom, 哩 哩

The peer is your best teacher. If you don’t understand, go to the platform directly to search for the account, look at other people’s operations, how others send a video, how do you send a video. How do you write an article? How do you write a article!

The method described above is to apply to any industry and do any item. Learn to divert thinking and study more.

The world is never lacking, and it is lacking people with enforcement!

Performed to pull to the peak, I believe you will achieve something!

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