How to make money with your mobile phone and don’t invest (how to make money in the case of not investing in the case?)


10 years ago, people write novels through the network to earn money!

5 years ago, the net red live month is over 10,000!

3 years ago, the major self-media platforms are hot!

Nowadays, online goods selling trends will soon be more than Taobao, spelling a lot …

You are still doing people to earn Money, did you try it yourself?

What can I do if I fail?

Ok, the words come forward! Teach you not to leave home, lying at home, only relying on a mobile phone can earn money, you know?

1. Shake window

This is what I first wrote, after the \”shake window\”, ie At the same time, you can use the video to share your own goods, no business license, there is no experience foundation!

First, you must be real-name authentication, followed by video\u003e 10 and fans\u003e 1000, pay 500 yuan margin, you can open!

2. Live Belt 只依靠一部手机,有什么挣钱的路子推荐

sells goods in the form of live, like this belt platform is shake, fast hand, etc.!

[音 小店] will be individual or commercial households according to the number of products you sell goods!

Individual is 500 yuan, the business household is 2000, several items are sold together, no matter whether the individual is still a commercial household to be 1000! Different choices are different!

3. Take video

All said that the video makes money, how come the money?

The picture is mainly the fans accumulated to a certain amount, generally more than 100,000, million powder, will have someone to find you advertising, fans users see your videos, some people You can also take [Advertising into income]!

Of course, you can also sell your own goods yourself! It is that you have a video to make a video in other platforms, you can also conduct other platform drainage!

4. Headline creation

The foundation created on headline can be said to be very low, everyone realizes creation dreams! It is mainly by the traffic, the more people, the more people, help you all praise the comment collection, the traffic income of the reader’s fan interactive frequency is more!

For example, there are 10 people, and there are millions of people to see the benefits! It is possible that you have been busy all day in the day, not many people see, there is no money!

It is possible that you can pick up a few thousand in an article, then rely on this article, you can get on your half a month of the article!

5. Answer the question

There is also answering questions to earn money, like Wu Quan Q \u0026 A, etc.! The headline is also! General income is not equal, and it is also related to user traffic!

6. Recording listening

Himalaya, lychee FV, etc.! Through the sound change, the free part-time deputy industry is achieved!

You don’t necessarily have to have dubbing, if your voice is so good, or the sound is comfortable, there is your own voice, you can also write a good content and then blend the voice. Listen to your content from all over the country!

Of course, what is good, drainage, advertising is not to say!

7. Write a novel

The network writes a novel, and it has been in a long time. In fact, it is almost the same as us!

It also has a full-service award! There is also a better way to get some rewards! The number of words also requires how much rewards can be achieved! Very competitive!

8. Live platform

This everyone is inappropriate! Net red God blessing is relying on live broadcast on the Spring Festival Evening! The name is not lost to be a red first star!

Although the live broadcast has entered a saturated state, you have to do more than others, it has defeated 40% of the anchor, and more than a little, defeating 80% of the anchor !


Now you have timely go to get off work, return to the dormitory every day, it is brushing, headline, fast hand, etc. Now you will accumulate benefits during your way!

Of course, if you have multiple mobile phones to operate, such as 10 mobile phones! If you do carefully, believe it or you can earn money!

10. Mobile Savings

10,000 yuan to put the balance treasure has more than 300 interest in one year! Although it is not high, there is always no strong!

In addition to the balance treasure, there is also a scheduled or in the mobile phone! And pension insurance! In addition to the balance treasure, there is TenPay! They all belong to the type of currency fund, the risk is relatively small! [

11. Trading fund

I still feel that I have a busy money, I can try the investment fund transaction! It is to grasp the opportunity to buy funds from the lower part, add the amount in the falling process, and sell it in time, earning the difference between the middle! Here is the most impressing and falling!

12. Salty fish sells goods

Don’t have old objects, places you, some are not as good as salted fish website, at least more than one year Waste benefits are much higher! Anyway, I lost it!

13. Online courses

Tencent courses, Netease cloud courses, I want self-study network, China University …

Just understand a hobby or professional, there is also like teaching language and speech skills!

Can you learn your own useful knowledge!

After the course is fire, you can set the charges, you can earn money!

14. Upload pictures

This requires some painting or the bottom of the photography, putting the scenery pictures or gourmet pictures, characters, etc.! It’s okay to publish it online!

15. Making expression packs

WeChat registered a good expression package, you can upload your own work to make money! First, the creation of the expression package is also the same, can’t follow the work of others, you still need to make your own style, unify one line creation!

Don’t underestimate your mobile phone earning money, you may be the same in a short time, but time one If you do your heart, you can see more obvious income!



I am Ye Sakura, a 96 freelance writer, focusing on working with earning money and self-employment and personal efforts !

Although it is also struggling for a while, I will not give up creation!

Life’s motto is still the sentence: there is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid that there is a heart!

I like friends can pay attention, or some praise to send a collection! Pay attention to the header @ 小樱 随 [

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