How to publish article to make a draft fee?

Although the video and live broadcast are very hot, the article still has its broad market, not only because of the traditional reading habits, and there are many occasions that do not fit the audio and video.

From the perspective of the publisher, there are many authors that are inconvenient or unwilling to show the mirror, so writing the article has become a choice.

But it may be difficult to write articles, it is difficult to make money. How to make money by writing?

Simply speaking, find submission channels, subdivision articles, can be written on demand.

怎样发表文章赚稿费? 01 There are many submission channels in the article, and the headline is very good

Generally speaking, the contribution has three major channels, one is traditional paper media, the newspaper, magazine Waiting; the second is the integrated network platform, such as a hundred numbers, headlines, Xiaohong books, etc .; three is vertical network platform, such as Kai Shu talking about stories, windy history, etc.

In traditional paper media, \”readers\”, \”知音\”, \”Mein\”, \”Youth Abstract\” are a good magazine, \”Huaxi Metropolis Daily\”, \”Southern Weekend\”, \”Yangzi Evening News\” It is a newspaper that is still not low.

In addition, some units of internal publications are also necessary, like the internal publications of the author of the author, a draft fee of an article is 200 yuan to 600 yuan, not much better than external publications.

In the integrated network platform, there is currently excellent hundreds, headlines, Wukong said, penguin, Netease, Xiaohong book, etc.

Of course, like hirazza, Douban, Joy, Zhi, Fan Deng reading, ten o’clock, snail reading, etc., is also good. However, my favorite or a hundred and headlines.

In the vertical network platform, some focus on financial development, some focus on history, some focus on parenting, some focus on the workplace, some focus on movies … Not enough.

The story is focused on the childhood, and the Historical officials of the wind are focus on history. Wuyi is spent in the ancient style emotional novels. The music is focusing on music evaluation.

There are also many units of WeChat public accounts, you can find, collect, research, and submit in the field you like.

02 Find your own positioning, and platform matching

The written draft has two major directions, one is written in the way you like, then find The corresponding platform is submitted; the other is to find the platform first, and write an article based on the platform needs. 怎样发表文章赚稿费? These two methods are possible. However, for novices, the second way is relatively, it will be better.

Compared with the hundred family and headline, there are many categories, there is always a suitable for you. If you like the emotional class, then choose the emotional track in the segment.

If you are good at kitchen, you can choose a gourmet track in the field of subdivision; if you like to deal with your pet, you can choose a pet class in the field of subdivision.

Of course, if you are widely interesting, you can write a writing every field, see the reader’s feedback, more feedback, more good fields, deeper the Trial.

For energy considerations, it is best to select the field of your favorite, narrow down within three fields, and try again, determine the final writing direction according to the spiritual rate.

Life is also true.

Many people have not succeeded, mainly because they like it too much, I think this can be, it can.

The result is too large due to repeated hopping or entrepreneurship, leading to the core competitiveness in the workplace.

03 Daily on demand production articles, the work is best original

Every writing is hoping that the recommended rate is high, read Large, more, but no good works, everything is empty.

Maybe someone will copy or adapt to the work of others, get considerable benefits, but I will not suggest you to do this.

A true author must be the original author, otherwise it is the porter of the article. Although the porter can also make money, the money to move and operate is a ceiling.

怎样发表文章赚稿费? We have not yet earned money yet, indicating that our writing is still very low, so we must exercise yourself through more.

The handling article will only earn little money, but it has led to the stagnation of our writing skills. If you need to make money, then you have a short video or live better than the handling article.

I am writing every day, insisting on writing from the original creation, I have much better than I haven’t written, and now I will see the original article, I can’t wait to change it again.

New media writing, and traditional writing a little bit slightly.

Why is it different? This is determined by the reading media and the characteristics of the times.

The phone is so big, if we have a big bigory, it will affect the sense of reading. So we need more sections, you can’t write a few hundred words, you can’t have a thousand words, or even 10,000 words.

In addition, our era, the more interesting articles, the more interesting articles, because it can decompress. Just like Teng Lijun’s songs in that year, there must be a certain emotional demand.

Some people say that new media writing should be useful, interesting, posted, still have a certain reason. This is the same as the most popular logic.

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