How to shoot a video in the headline to make a zero flower money

Does not catch the traffic support period of various platforms of shake watermelon? Have a platform benefits for 18 years, 19 years, 20 years? Although it is in the north, it feels a big step behind it. Join the Red Sea now, strive to kill a blue sea!

If you are like me in 2021, I know that China’s video partners plan, the value is flat, the talented general, the video and copy of the best, it may be a bit difficult. Net red, big coffee has been leading. If you want to stand out, you must absolute quality, but you will have a lot of difficulty.

Let’s talk about the personal experience of Xiaobian participating in the Medium-speaking Partnership Program for a reference to the new people who want to participate in the video partner program.

Xiaobian did two accounts, made a movie solution, uploaded 3 movies. Never give a simple clip and carry a video, but re-edited according to your own written case. The watermelon platform has indeed gave some traffic support, and there are four or five hundred browsing, and the general is two hundred and hundreds of browsing. The last one directly tells me because Iqiyi’s copyright requirements cannot be placed. But there are still many colleagues who explain the movie of the green paper on the watermelon. I really want the soul torture how they can put it? Or is not being taken … Ignore ing … You want to do part-time words, film solutions may not be the best choice … Editing software I think the cut is enough, Xiaobian almost want to buy a new computer! Later, I found out that there is no need, because I feel that I have already given up the movie editing …

So below the second account, life VLOG, this is relatively easy, simple shooting Life, with a sound, the system identifies the subtitle, but it is best to have some ideas the main line. Because it is said that there will be a final artificial review in the ultimate manual audit! This small series is also in the exploration, but it is really necessary to learn to seize people’s curiosity, and read the rules of the platform. Xiaobian took his own copy, a video did dozens of hundred views, but took a man with a dancing on the street, and the video became more than a thousand browsing. But the problem is that Xiaobian forgot the rules of the platform, it takes more than one minute to calculate traffic … Bloody lesson

Overall, it is difficult to reach 17,000 browsing. Xiaobian saw a writer who had a video of the video wanted to reach the standard, or by giving you a message saying that he is so curiously to go to his home page to watch the work. Too honest … The wisdom of the masses is invincible, deeply admire!

Ordinary people now started to do video, must have successful passing. ButIf you can have a half path, I’m giving up, I said that the video blogger said that I have to stop. Even if you have reviewed, most people are a few more people’s benefits. I don’t want to persuade everyone here, I just want to say to make a video, my thinking must be new, causing the curiosity of ordinary audiences, I have recently realized that I have been important for ten seconds, otherwise it will be determined to be invalid.. I want to make a broadcast rate, still by content, relying on ideas, and rhythm!

Although the exploration of video this month is still going, 17000 looks far. But Xiaobian is good at discovering, good at exploiting!

The big day, I saw the headline writing articles, so I started to explore ing on the next day. I wrote three workplace feelings on the class. I originally think that it may be as profitable as the Chinese video plan, I didn’t expect the next day, I prompt me to have two hair eight income! Yesterday, I was busy. After arriving at home at night, I spent time, I spent time, I summed up the experience and feelings of many times in Beijing for more than 10 years. I immediately saw four hair fifth income immediately.


These money may really don’t have much, in Big Beijing is not enough to buy a hoe! Xiaobian actually really earned the second bucket of gold! Inner excitement is unable to measure money! This excitement is from a unfamiliar small partner from all over the country to my recognition. A word, a message, maybe there is a workplace and life resonance, and don’t say that the face of the workplace, it is not easy to have a lot of life in big cities.

Life is not easy, I hope that we can constantly become more excellent in all corners of the world! By constantly exploring and hard work, I believe in our future!

Welcome to you like me, pay attention to me, talk about work and life together, talk about how to find a reliable secondary industry ~ together!

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