How to write a novel to make money (how to write books)

part-time writing novels take royalties can be said that the majority of \”Writer\” common aspiration.


codeword writing novels

However, before you \”writer\” code word, Xiao Bian a few things to remind you:

First of all, for now For writing fiction threshold is very low, as long as the basic platform and will be able to write a Jiwan Zi signed on as a contract writer, however, if you want to fire their work, more income royalties, it will be very difficult.

Although, before you write a novel, may have seen some of the network text tutorials, guide writing, and after learning that they can achieve complete tutorial standards.

However, ideas are just ideas, when you really start code word, it is very easy to be defeated by the reality of their work and the amount of reading royalties.

2,000 words a day and more days, the monthly income of a few, this reality will easily codeword white newcomers pushed to the depths of despair.


a month to write the novel of the three, was crying!

writing a novel conditions

In summary, writing a novel threshold is very low, but it is difficult to want to earn high salaries, but before writing the novel, to ensure that they meet these conditions are the following:

1. personal plenty of time, and there is a computer, the code word is enough time to meet the minimum standard of 4,000 words more day.

2. writing is better, ideas, there is conceived, is able to create a complete story.

3. loneliness, but also to make long-term irregular work and rest as well as exchange of personnel reduction plan.

4. Be patient, after writing with a sense of normalcy to face months or even years \”minimal\” benefits.

If you meet the above four conditions, then, to prove that you can go part-time writing a novel.

flutter Street, Xiao Bian writing experience

are brought to write novels, has written a small series before three months to write more than 40 million words, but later cut off even more, because these three months, a total of royalties which gave me less than one hundred.


and personal fiction mediocre pay and benefits reach the ideal state, and seriously affected the personal lives codeword period, so, in the end, Xiao Bian also not wrote.


do not write! I quit!

However, although small series is no longer write, however, that by three months of experience, small writing is level obviously been some improvement, but for fiction has been further awareness.


improve the level of

from a small series of dry cargo network text

If you have a firm belief that writing a novel, then the following dry goods will certainly help you:

[ 123] 1 topic, and that is the source material positioning fiction story, such as: dreams, imagination (that is, eds), autobiography, life, History, regret, wish, hobby, etc.

2. The novels of different themes, the number of words is different, currently, most of the web fantasy, most of them are millions of characters.

3. Writing enters the bottleneck? Don’t entangle, don’t ask, it is best to re-comb.

4. Don’t choose your strange theme to start writing, otherwise, you will regret it.

5. Once you start writing, don’t stop, even if you feel that the story is very flat, you must write it first, and then make changes.

6. Novels don’t follow the plots of bad streets, do you want to contact the era background as much as possible, let the novels have readability.

The cough, the above content is the suggestion from the editor of the street, it is difficult to write the novel, but it is difficult to earn high income.

In short, the road is long and the road is long, and the novel can \”send a family to get rich\” mainly on the ability of the individual, but should insist but not stubborn, write the network to do well, do not stick Change, three hundred and sixty lines, there is always a line to suit you.

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