Hubei Hefeng Release Reminder: The local company has been suspected of selling the \”云 树\” by purchasing \”selenium\” products.

Yang Guangwang Beijing, December 1 news (General Taiwan Central Branch, Li Xingjian) According to the Voice of China Radio and Television, China’s Voice \”News\” report, Hubei Enchizhou Hefeng County selenium resources is rich, relying on selenium selenium resource advantages And industry foundation, local dedication to creating selenium-enriched agricultural products. However, there is a way of lawless elements to purchase the \”selenium\” product \”Yum Tree\” online by purchasing \”selenium\” products.

Hefeng County prevention resolved financial risk attack hard warfare headquarters office recently released reminder: \”Recently, some partial selenium enterprises will go online or have been launched in the local selenium. Such as a part of the selenium, enterprises, consumption, poverty alleviation, all the people to make selenium, invest in zero risk, policy benefits. \”Hefeng County officially said: The selenium is purchased to obtain income and paid Hierarchical development model operations, according to the \”Prohibition of MLM Regulations\”, its operational methods have been suspected.

This selenium company named \”Poly Group\”, the reporter learned through an investor who has already joined the \”polygonal farm\” that participants can choose to purchase on the \”polygon farm\” platform 517 yuan to 13959 yuan will not invest. As long as you purchase a gift package, the participants can get the corresponding selenium products and get the corresponding quantity of checkers in the platform, plant \”tea trees\” on virtual \”land\”, and let the \”watering\” \”fertilization\” in the form of \”fertilization\” Tea tree \”continues to grow, and finally sell\” tea tree \”to obtain cash revenue. If you want to get more \”fertilizer\” to accelerate \”tea tree\” growth, you need to discharge new people.

Investor Zhou told reporters: \”Mainly to let selenium products go out Enshi, their model is, there are many products on the app, 517 yuan, and 1551 yuan, equivalent to you spend 517 Yuan Buy Enshi’s selenium products, what is tea and Pueraria powder, then send you (virtual) tea garden in the app, which is equivalent to sending you a ridge, a seedling, the seedlings watering 40 After fertilization, a 618 yuan tea coupon will be formed. The tea voucher can be directly achieved. That is to say that you bought a product 517 yuan, after 40 days of cycle, it is equivalent to earning 101 yuan. \”[123 ]

In the menu bar of the software, there is a menu bar option such as \”Pendending\” \”Idyllic\”. But in fact, these so-called help farming products are illegally piloted. In order to attract more people to participate in the \”Polygonal Farm\” investment, the company has developed a set of mechanisms that constantly stimulate the market, develop more levels, and promotion. The more people pull, the larger the amount of investment, the faster the level is promoted, and the compensation is also increased accordingly. From selenium, selenium, selenium, selenium, selenium, selenium, selenade, a total of seven levels. Zhou introduced that in just a few months, he has passed the pull-out of the game, reaching the third grade \”selenium master\”. After reaching this level, you can get the income of \”tree\”, but also get the additional sales of \”under the umbrella\”paste.

Zhou said: \”Selenium is (species) 30 ridges, you can get 30 yuan a ridge, this reward must not be, (then next level) is 200 ridges, you can take To 50 yuan, it is still very big (profit). A cycle is forty days. If you invest 30 ridges, it is 15,000 yuan, and there is nearly 500 yuan of funds every day, this 500 yuan If you can invest more ridges. After a few cycles, 81 blocks are all over, you have sustained income every day. \”

Reporter found that these so-called investment behavior hide Online seemingly compliant agricultural products. The reporter called the \”Polygonal Farm\” Company, the company’s person in charge said that the company did not have investors, only consumers.

Some investors In order to make the most efficient profit, the relatives and friends around most. For example, Zhou’s father is also in the \”Polygonal Farm\” investor group. 150 people in the WeChat group come from Hubei, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, etc., many people’s group memories have added their own online and the name on the line. The group will also hold a so-called \”wealth class\” to constantly attract more people.

In order to win more people trust, the company claims that the project is made by the government. In fact, in the national enterprise credit information publicity system, \”Poly Group\” does not exist. The so-called \”poly selection group\” is actually Enshi Jiji Enterprise Incubator Co., Ltd., which was established in May 2020, registered funds 20 million yuan, paying 0 yuan. The company claims to work closely with the State Enterprise Selenium (Enshi Selection International Trading Center Co., Ltd.).

The staff of the selenied selection responded to China, and the company and the \”Poly Group\” were completely two companies, only partnerships, but never authorized any third-party institution or personal selenium. Promotion and product promotion in nominal.

The staff said: \”We are the selenium, and they are two companies, not a matter. We are a state-owned enterprise, a trading platform, they are not a state-owned enterprise, they are only our cooperation A trader, they can sell in us, hanging on the platform, after selling, we are a middle trading platform, and they don’t have any relationship. \”

Hefeng County prevention resolved financial risks The Office of the Battle of the Battle, reminded that Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province is carrying out the provision of selenics and illegal financial risk investigations and rectification of the 100-day attack, such as discovering the related clues, can report the local attack of the MLM Leading Group Office to report, promote the state The selenium industry is healthy and orderly development. According to the \”Prohibition of MLM Regulations\”, the \”Poly Group\” operation method is suspected. The collapse is only a time problem, there is a great risk hazard. The mass investment needs to be cautious, the risk needs to be self-borne, do not blindly follow the wind, do not be blinded, high-profile blind eyes.

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