Hubei Jingmen Not reported 1 case of new coronary pneumonia confirmed case activity trajectory


According to the \”Jingmen release\” public information, August 4, 2021 District • 掇 掇 区 乐 小小). The relevant activity trajectories are here:

On July 30

At 13:50, Zhang took a bus (4 people with the same car) from a construction site in Wuhan Qigou Street, High-speed return, stop from the Tianmen North Service Area;

16:50, from the high speed of Jingjing Expressway Jingmen;

18 o’clock, arrive at Macheng Town, Miku District Bread;

around 18:10, go to the high-tech road Li Jia kitchen (4 at the same table, other people in the restaurant);

20:30, ride After the Xinglong Street in the knife area, he played mahjong in the community, a car in the community (there were 6 people);

22:00 At the intersection (owner: Madeworn) to Swan Square, then take a taxi (the owner is unknown), arrive at the Xinghuo Road, II Spring Hotel, 20 minutes, take a taxi (the owner is unclear) home.

6:30, arrived at the high-tech road small two-way pavilion to eat breakfast, then went to the supermarket shopping next to the hull, walk to the billion weft power;

At 7:30, at 11:30, at the end of Yiwei power, go home after work;

14 o’clock, ride to the big ranking next to the Phoenix Entertainment City to finish at 23 o’clock ( There are 7 people in the scene), and then walk to the Fuyao all road hats barbecue dining (at the same table).

0:042, take the windmill (the owner is unclear) to the Phoenix Lake Wetland Park, then take the drip car (car owner: a certain part) through aquatic circuit To Tianle Community;

At 8:00 to 9, at the Tianle Community, a car library (a total of 5 people) was over 15 o’clock.

At about 15 hours, take the bus to Xinglonggang (opposite Jingmen South Expressway) Guo Fei Chicken Shop will go home to 20 o’clock.

From 8:30 to 19:48, in the Tianle Community Xu Tea Building, Zhang Mouu garage playing cards, watch the card;

At 19:48, riding orange bicycle to Chengnan New District, going to Hi and more supermarkets;

20:00 to 21:00, in Guanyu Road, Potato Charcoal, Dining;

[123 ] 21:57, walk to the top Shanghua Hotel, after the taxi (the owner is unclear) go home.

August 3

At 9 o’clock to 16 o’clock, play cards in Xu Tea Tower in Tianle Community (same4 people in the table, another 2 tablesmanes);

16:00, take a bus to the Trojan People’s Hospital to do nucleic acid detection (5 people with car);

18 o’clock, after home No longer out.

On August 4

At home did not go out until it was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to the city of the city.

In the above time, the location has a person who has been in contact with the history or living trajectory in the case. In the case of personal protection, immediately report to the village (community), and cooperate with the follow-up Related epidemic prevention and control measures; if there is a fever, cough, pharyngeal pain, fatigue, sniffing (taste), decrease, deteriorating, diarrhea, etc. And investigate, and take the initiative to tell the above-mentioned activity in the case, try to avoid riding public transport during medical treatment.

I hope that the general public will actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, and take practical actions to care for personal health and maintain the failure to prevent control results.

Jingmen High-tech Zone • 掇 掇 区 新 新

August 5, 2021

Source: Jingmen release

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