Human verses (about making money for hardships)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Cut Mulberry – Mid-Autumn Festival (and Concentration)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

Head jade rabbit 嫦, Dangui fragrance.

Qiuju fragrance. Northern Northern Dancing is busy.

Xiaokang Society home music, renewing new chapter.

Continued brilliance. Look at my Shenzhou Shenghan Tang.

Wind into Song-Autumn (体)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

Garden Xiuyi Golden . Dangui fragrance.

Qingfeng Ginkgo is clear, refreshing, enters the eye makeup.

Rejieces invited friends to gather, and they will make a light. 「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

Peach planting Li Anshous and busy. Painted portrait beam.

The release of the disaster, and Run Ganlin, and the hometown.

The red candle is presented, and the love is full of Rongchang.

Walking incense – Mid-Autumn Festival (晁 体)

Dance sleeves嫦娥, Jin Guifenfang.

Sendending, maple leaf new makeup.

The fine wind is cool, Yu Yu is cool.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Drunk this day, this square, this square country.

tea cake, noisy,

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Night sleep, enjoy the moon hall.

Children’s singing, my poem.

Yushu Yan, the clouds, the wine is fragrant.

ice tall 皎 皎 约 思 思, enjoy the moon to cook tea past.

Jiaqi greedy new taste wine, the Lang Tied the old paradise pool.

The window of the window is good, and the cup is called.

The brothers of the sister gathered, and waved the Qing Dynasty.

Cut mulberry – praise \”Shenzhou 12\” hero (and condense)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

[123 ] Guwei’s reunion, the silver river, and the risk of attack.

Xiji flying. March traffic tour price. 「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

The sky is walking, Li Wei is 跹.

Today’s home. Drafter hard work.

Ding Feng wave – He Shenzhou 12 mannedThe ship successfully landed (Ouyang)

Looking at the Planet Wanli Day. Hero Feiyu Cere. 「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

March space is not a dream. Psychless. The jade rabbit is with peace.

Inspector Yinhe is really beautiful. Ask. During the cabin, two times. 「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

Steppper Triji. Hao dare. Yellow children continue to China.

浣沙 – 分 (Han Yu)

Double-clock . Caraboli for a fence.

Fin Xinxin is cool.

The wind came to the mountains and autumn colors, and Nikiki Floral.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) The farmer only hopes the rice profit.

Do not forget \”Ninth · 18\”

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

Ma Taling Shenyang fourteen years , Burning, shoking, smoke.

The fierce is full of wind, killing crazy bloody rain

火 燎 原 驱 敌, hero swing, river.

Shenzhou today is far away, maintenance and peaceful shoulder.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Inviting guests to return to Township The past is a heart.

Yinzhen fell to Yunxia connected, the iron arm waved the sweat stream.

Evening rewards of high mountain tree trees, morning to welcome the sun field.

There is no regret in the lower village, and the cold cream will not give up.

Ding Feng wave – National Day Praise (Ouyang)

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Nats and autumn Fang. Welcome to the whole festival.

The motherland is in the world. Remote. Urban and rural are drawn into the poem.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) The rocket vessel is circular. Take advantage of it. Every household laughs.

Seventy-two years of work.槌. The rise of Shenzhou is full of Rongchang.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首)

Years in a hurry for seven second autumn. The Chinese people celebrate the harvest.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Summary the lion’s rise. happy. Raying among the world history.

Due to the praise of poverty. Welcome. Disaster disaster resistance.

Wanzhong Tongzhou knocking drums.Step.Xingbang Dreams globally.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Seven second birthday, Golden Autumn Festival is drunk.

Hongqi Hunting welcomes the festive season, the beautiful face is Xinxin hometown.

Turning up and helping the poor, the disaster relief is resistant to Rui Yunxiang.

「原创诗词」李阳民 | 再续辉煌 看我神州胜汉唐(诗词十二首) Nowadays, we will meet in the new era, crossing the shock of eighth.

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Li Yangmin, member of the Chinese Poetry Association, the 5th Director of the Poetry Society of Fujian Province

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