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Reporter | Yu Hao

July 9

At this point of time, regardless of the user’s end and the driver, the US group truck has launched a considerable degree of preferential and subsidies. At the same time, ensure that the preferential information can be conveyed to the previous old users.

In addition to the privileges of the passenger tax coupon with the driver’s side, the US group took the taxi and launched the \”invitation friends to help\”, \”new driver registration\”, \”invite drivers to win award\” Equal cracking in new nature.

In the net approximation platform, it has increased subsidies, seeking expanded market environment, ensuring that the number of drivers stabilized their capacity is an important strategic direction. So how do drivers think of platform subsidies? What is the platform perception of the US group taxi? In response to this issue, interface news and several webmark drivers talked.

Subsidy results were initially

Wang Master is a Beijing old driver who has experienced the 2015 Net about the launching war. The previous Master Wang mainly passed the launch platform, during the subsidy war, he has always maintained a long time of \”7 o’clock, 12 o’clock home\”.

But with age, Master Wang’s take-off time has been shortened until the evening peak, the driving route is also relatively fixed. According to Wang Shifu, because of the current living in Tongzhou, he mainly in accordance with the \”Tongzhou-Zhongguancun-Tongzhou\” in accordance with the rough direction of Tongzhou-Zhongguancun-Tongzhou.

At the end of 2017, the US group took the taxi to open the Beijing user registration. Subsequently due to the focus of the US group, the US group took the taxi did not achieve large-scale expansion in Beijing. Master Wang also paid attention to the US group truck during this period, but did not register for the consideration of singing and income.

Until the day, Master Wang received a customer service call from the US group, introduced him to the recent driver subsidy. \”I opened the US group and pull (page), I’m really right.\” He calculated a pen account according to his own income, because the US group took a taxi for the new driver in the first seven days of registration, did not mass, Wang Master km monovalent reach 3.8 to 4 yuan, and other platforms monovalent after only a single rake km 2.5 to 3 yuan.

In this wave of \”dividend\”, the king master of the bus time has been extended until the BLD peak, \”out of time if the United States Mission (taxi) did not list, I’ll go first to other platforms list of the city, the Latin American group to continue after the city. \”

such as master Wang recalled the telephone network and subsidies to attract about a few truck drivers, the geographical distribution is not limited to Beijing. According to the US Mission taxi official micro-channel public number of the message, the US group recruited city driver has covered Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and other 37 cities.

Master Ma Shanghai is not only to re-register the US Mission taxi driver, also pulledThe riders of other platforms. But he said that the driver’s side is not easy, and the riders around me have been registered for more than two years ago, and I want to pull the driver of other platforms.

In addition to the opening of the new reward, such as a single prize, the peak prize, all day full single prize, single stream prize, etc. Awards, Master Master’s extra reward fees can be about 200 yuan a day.

In the view of Master Wang, the reward is just a \”small head\”. The seven-day zero commission is really attracting him. Data released this year showed that in 2020, the drip nety driver’s revenue accounted for 79.1% of the passengers, which means that the average quota ratio of the platform is 20.9%.

Taking Master Wang’s current calculation of about 700 yuan per day, the unus of commissions is approximately 180 yuan. Relative to the unstable bonus income, the income growth brought by the zero-pumping is indeed more convincing.

Product function still needs to be optimized

It is not difficult to see, through seven days of zero commissions, pull new rewards and mission rewards, the US group truck is trying to attract more webmark drivers into the station. On the other hand, how to achieve the driver’s stay in the platform service is also a problem that the US group should think. Several webmark drivers believe that in terms of peak order distribution, navigation positioning, pre-send single-printed sound, the US group truck seems to have improved space.

Wu Master Wu, who lives between Shanghai Central and outer rings, registered US group taxi drivers in April 2020. As far as he said, because the US group took a taxi before and then downgrade, he turned to other platforms. Recently, due to the subsidy of the US group, Master Wu returned to the US group.

But after this return, for some of the features of the platform, Master Wu is still unsatisfactory. First, compared with other platforms, the US group taxi sent a short order of 30 kilometers or less. For webmark drivers, the income of such orders is not high. \”Beside, I will take two kilometers to pick up, 3 kilometers to send people, this will run a start price 14 yuan, don’t cost it.\”

The master of Shanghai driver is using beauty There is also a \”small single\” feeling when I take a taxi, but if I share the platform reward, my income is still considerable. \”Fortunately, the US group (US Mission tax) is high, or it is really unable to do it. Master Wu also reported that the order allocation of the US group taxi is not stable. In the vicinity of Master Wu, that is, between Shanghai Zhonghuan and the outer ring, the early peak orders should be a lot. He recalled that last year, I just went out for about 5 minutes, I could get new orders. However, after returning this year, Master Wu took the car as an example in the morning, and often waited for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. There was still no order on the door.

When using the drip travel platform, Wu ShiFu Daily peak (7: 00-10: 30)’s order number is 5 to 10 orders, and the water is stable at around 300. \”The US Mission 15 minutes does not enter the order, there is no way I can only change other platforms.\”

Finally, Wu Master told the interface news, the pre-row of the US group truck is not clear enough, the navigation positioning is not too Precision, this is some suggestions for the use experience on product functions based on the experience. At the same time, he also mentioned that there are some places better than other platforms in the car owners. If the customer service response is timely, it is relatively objective justice when the secret is contradictory.

The previous Tech Planet has been mentioned that after the US group taxis is re-line, there are many problems left before, and need to be repaired. It can be seen that it is a non-small pressure to raise the product development and operation of the US group.

For webmark drivers, income is the hard indicator of the selection platform. According to the description of several webmark drivers, under the subsidies of the US Mission, many drivers around me began to use the US group to take a taxi. This shows that the US group takes the tax by subsidizing the \”original accumulation\” practice of the driver resources, but it is far less than this step.

When asked if there is no subsidy, he will continue to stay in the US group to take a taxi, Beijing Master said that \”there is no loyalty between enterprises and drivers, I am going to make money, which platform is convenient I will pull it. I will pull it today. I don’t make money today. I will pull someone else, telling what loyalty is useless. \”According to him, after the end of the preferential period, the highlight of the draw ratio is his choice platform. The first standard.

It can be seen that at this time node, it is natural to be the top priority to subsidize the driver resources. And if you want a long-term guarantee platform, improve the product function to optimize the company, improve the efficiency, reduce costs, let the driver, perhaps the future of the US group, will be considered by refined operations.

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