I am doing loans in Changchun for seven years.

I have nothing to do, write a seven years of writing, I do loans. At the end of 13 years, due to the reason, always went to the BOC Building to write copy, friends who made loans should all know the Bank of China’s rivers and lakes in the loan industry. Moreover, the BOC Building is also a place where someone has a relationship with loans. BOC Building is also a place where Changchun Loan is born. Previously, this building was called a study center building. Because there are many intermediary companies that can study abroad. The elevator is also advertising. Later, as the loan company settled, this building also became a loan building from the study. A circle of People’s Square, and later had a lot of small loan companies. Anwar Building, Run Tian International, Jifu Square, International Building, Century Hongyuan, Bao Dik, etc. Far away is Hongshi International, Northern Building, there are a lot. Can’t remember. Talking about it. Back to the topic. Due to the working causes, the loan is exposed to the loan. Yinar Yang is wrong to the service of Pun Hui. One is four years. It is still relatively happy. I didn’t understand anything at that time. For me, customers use money, I am responsible for applying for customers, then earn some commissions. It is to support the family. The first customer is not easy to find, the team manager makes you dry. We are called the exhibition industry. In fact, everyone is now annoying. Insert card, stickers, stickers, all kinds of self-adhesive. Then look for cooperation in the same industry to send customers to each other. In order to complete the task, it is not eliminated. Also in order to earn a commission. More customers slowly. 14-16 was a special rapid development of small loan companies. All kinds of small loan companies have taken out after the rain. Imail. Hengchang. Amusement. Folk letter. Jiayin, you are a loan. Rongxin. Fusion. Rurder. calf. Yingu. Cell. Wing. Lexin. Curve. Wiring. A letter. Hao Cheng. Fanp. Creditker. Oriental Zhuo Zhi. we-chat. Credit treasure. Huayao. Chinese Tengxin. I can only think of so much. This is still not a later security company, and the peaceful Pacific Earth Sunshine is guaranteed. There are also consumer loans. I have to say that the market is very chaotic. There are also various folks. These years in 14-16. If you carefully work, you will not be the evil way. More than a month, still guaranteed. I know that the industry is generally enemy. Mainly wealthy loan, increasing, etc. But for me, these I didn’t touch it. Because I have been busy with good customers. There is almost no opportunity to get in touch with us. It is the establishment of the honorary system. It can also be understood as brainwashing. This is also very powerful. In the same industry, you can feel overtime every day, and you will fight the chicken blood every day. In fact, you can see the essence through the phenomenon, it is advisable, and it is the most profitable thing in this industry. It is also the best in development. For example, the Changchun Credit Industry, the left left, should be affordable and hengchang. Hengchang can also understand that it is hung. The current store manager is also advocated. Sunlight, leadership is shoulderful. Land, leadership is safe. Pacific, peaceful. People don’t say, people are more special. Yipin and Ping An indeed a lot of talents in the credit market. It is advisable to completing the counterattack in four years. In short, it is very profitable.Rich.And it is in the sun.No gray income.Later, I went to other companies, there was Hengchang, with the Pacific Ocean, with sunshine, floating, there is a good and bad.Along the way, it is still practical.This industry is too tempting.I have anything.Holding your mind is the most important thing.It is said that it is usual that it is too much loan. I have seen too many customers in the past few years.There are people who are doing business, there is loans, there is a drink, there are fraudulent, and so on.I have anything.In fact, I think the most basic one is that everyone is an adult.Don’t always say what routine, etc.Maximum white paper black words you sign.Do you not look at the contract before you sign?Even what is cutting out, usury, you at least to put the book.Is it based on the principal?Also more.Does people borrow your money, do you give you a penny?I am estimated that someone will marry me.But there is no relationship.I asked me that I earned money in the past few years.It can be built.Again.Too much temptation.Keep your heart.

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