I want to go abroad, what should I do if I don’t know?Try it with my method

According to data: 2018 China’s citizen’s exit tour will increase the number of people in the country, a year-on-year increase of 14.7%, and has ranked first in the world’s exit tourism.

With the improvement of living standards, tourism has become one of the forms of people to pursue a better life. Especially the number of outbound tourists, increasing year by year is the future trend of traveling.

However, what kind of travel mode is selected, many people have different opinions.

I often saw that netizens said: It’s enough to travel enough, tired, the experience is also poor, and I have to choose free travel.

In the past few years, the experience with group tour felt a lot of hobby tourists:

The expense of the group is high, plus all kinds of self-funded self-funded projects, do you participate or not participate? Participate, this money is expensive; don’t participate, come, I feel regret. The accommodation conditions are poor, it is difficult to go out, and the restaurant has only receiving the China Tour Group, the meal, the restaurant is poor. I gave tourists: The diet of this country is very difficult to eat, and the quality of the quality is very bad. The trip is too rushing, don’t you get up early, don’t take the night to save money; not in the car, it is to get a photo and peeing;

The bad experience affects the experience of tourism, leading to some people who have pursued tourism, want to change the way of travel, such as: self-help tour.


When I really want to decide the self-help tour, some of them are guilty: not foreign language, what to do after going abroad?

The biggest obstacle to go abroad is the language.

Domestic free line, traffic, accommodation, etc., have a familiarity, and there is a problem that the process is also known.

In foreign countries, different living habits, different processes, how to deal with problems in the problem language?

Therefore, many people can’t make up your mind now.

However, if you don’t have foreign languages, can you play abroad for a lifetime? Or can you only follow the tour group, the machine’s \”Take the horse\”?

The answer is negative, there are very many people don’t know foreign languages, and they have spread forward more than a dozen countries; even for the elderly people in the age of 70, they can also have a good time to play abroad.

The self-help tour of the country is not so complicated, and the language is not a big thing. 想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看 I have had a few times of going abroad, and I am free. Although I can’t compare with many netizens from the number of netizens, I can spend less money, let myself have a comfortable.

This article will be based on my personal experience and experience, some of the following three parts, telling you that there is no foreign language can also go abroad to travel to the country:

01 Preparation before departure

02 issues encountered during the trip

03 SafetyPrecautions

01 Preparation before departure

Knowing yourself and knowing oneself, you can don’t fight. The more fully prepared before, the more detailed the Raiders, the less help of seeking others, the more controlled the emergency encountered abroad.

Where is it? How many days? What season is going? How to play? How much is it expected? When there is an idea of \u200b\u200bgoing abroad, you need to start to prepare:

1. Online check Raiders, watch netizens’ travel: The development of the network can share various resources to those who need it. It’s great. By looking at the destination Raid, you can learn what you should know, in addition to the local customs, the attraction landscape introduce, we have to pay attention to the following points:

★ Visa handle: Yes to sign ? visa on arrival? Paper sign? Does the face sign? Online agent? Third party agent? Or is it to go to the Embassy? How long does it take to apply normal time? What do you need to prepare?

Now China’s passport is very high, and many countries’ visa is simple and convenient, and they can go to online self-service or after destination.

But some developed countries or European Schengen strives, the procedure is more complicated, and there is more things that need to be prepared. When you decide to travel, you must start preparing the relevant materials to make sure you can receive a visa in time.


In some travel app, search for destination countries, there will be considerable users to share methods and recommendations for reference.

★ Traffic route and attraction plan: I will go to every day – What attractions are going to? The traffic route should be planned to be placed on the road? How to choose the price ratio?

Many people think that tourism must be casual, they can be comfortable. I agree with the purpose of free travel. 想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看

But it does not mean blind. For example, in a city, two places you want to go, the result was found, and it was dozens of kilometers. Go, time is on the road; don’t go, it is where you want to go.

Going abroad is not domestic, there may be only only to this time in a lifetime, if you are unreasonable because your own itinerary is unreasonable, I will leave yourself regret that sometimes I will be unwilling.

Do a good job in traffic lines in advance, avoiding money on expensive taxi; most important to reduce the help of local and others.

★ Local taboos and shovel: any country has its own customs and religious beliefs, respect. There are also some local regulations, regulations, to understand in advance, and enter the country.

After we go abroad, the representative is not a personal. Because of our ignorant misunderstanding, give yourselfWhile causing trouble, it may also affect the image of the country.

★ lesson: other travelers, in the local pit, the big experience, the loss, for us is a good experience. We know, you can avoid and reduce losses in advance.

想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看 For example, I know that Paris’s thief is very mad, we will always be vigilant; Moscow has people wearing national costumes to take pictures, and the price is quite high, we are far away; Moscow is very expensive , We try to take a taxi, take more subway, and so on.

This is quite important, because we don’t understand foreign languages, the less the emergency is, the better.

★ Develop the legacy plan list: Based on the Raiders and travels, summarize the legacy plan for your own, as a travel reference in the journey. This can be adjusted according to the actual situation, the purpose is to make the journey will not look messy and blind;


★ To be specifically arrived, so in advance to book hotels and short-distance airplanes Can be more accurate.

When visa, many countries are also requiring such a detailed legacy plan.

2. Pay attention to round-trip ticket price: The price of the ticket is very fluctuated, and almost a largest overhead in the entire trip.

I usually start with the Raiders, I started to pay attention to the price of the ticket, compare the price mentioned in the Raiders, there is a general acceptable range in my heart, once low The price is immediately shot.

However, it must be purchased again in the case of a visa to hand, because the visa has the possibility of refusal, if the flight ticket will be lost in advance will cause loss.

TIPS: The requirements of developed countries or European Schengen strives are likely to provide a flight ticket trip to send a visa. Just conflict with the \”first visa to the hand, then buy ticket\”, but there is a solution, there is mentioned in the Raiders, such as let the airline print fails to pay the ticket trip.

3. Hotel, small traffic reservation: Book your hotel in accordance with the formulation of the itinerary, book hotels in the city, including trains, including trains, airplanes can be booked in advance . 想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看 TIPS:

★ Time planning of the stroke single must be reasonable. Otherwise, a deviation may cause a hotel and ticket that makes it booked in advance, causing waste.

★ The hotel reservation option can be canceled free of charge, if the itinerary changes, free cancellation.

★ If your abroad experience is much, you can go to the local area, on-site booking; but if you are going abroad, or it is recommended to predecessor first.

4.Money: Some currencies in some countries can be exchanged through domestic banks, and some national currency can’t change, only to local money or use bank card extraction.


★ Many countries’ cash machines can use UnionPay card withdrawal, it is best to ask for good pre-departure, the UnionPay card you use in overseascing and credit procedures The cost ratio, the cost is low. 想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看

★ I personally handed an international peony card. Before departure, I opened the border housekeeper (free) and card guarantee. There is no need to charge, only the risk of cashing; and there is a corresponding guarantee once the risk of stealing brushes.

★ Foreign exchange system is particularly developed, went to these countries, there are many exchanges in the main business district, and the exchange rate is also good. Therefore, you can change some dollars in China (go to the Eurozone country to change the euro) to change the money locally.

5. Using the use of App: Compare several APPs that have been translated, translated, entered translation, etc., which is very convenient.


Domestic translation software for small language language, translation accuracy is still deviation, we can choose keywords to translate. Sometimes, several words can guess the general meaning, there is no problem in ordinary communication.

想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看 ★ Although there is translation software, the communication between the limbs is sometimes useful.

★ If there is a key communication, such as the translation of the car rental contract, it is recommended to find relevant customer service to help check.

6. Navigation APP: For people who often travel, use accessibility. But there should be pay attention to:

★ In foreign high morality can’t be used, Baidu can; Google navigation can’t be used in China, but you can download it after downloading;

[ 123] ★ Each country or region has a better navigation. When you look at the Raiders or travel, users will mention it, you can download it in advance. For example, go to Russia with Yadex map; Southeast Asia with a rare map, etc.

02 The problem that will encounter on the way

is unable to panic, there will always be a solution. 想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看

The first time I travel, I will definitely not choose a remote cold line. So, if you encounter can’t solve the difficulties, people who want to find a Chinese or know Chinese is not difficult. What’s more, a general small problem, we can solve themselves.

1. At the airport, the train station: Just as the country, there is a very standard icon guide, and you can go. It is very easy to understand if it is not imagined.

FlightInquiry: According to the flight number on the ticket, you can check the registration port, departure time, whether or not the information on the big screen.

2. Ask: There are hotels in the tourist website, the main attractions, and the station. Ask the locals.


This is mainly, with navigation has arrived near the destination, but it is not found in the specific place. If you ask the local man by ask the log, you can know the general direction. In many cases, if it is not far away, they will take us in the past. (Every time you can encounter this kind of enthusiastic road, it is really grateful)

想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看 If they can’t find it, ask them on the road card, you can also let them call inquiry. (I have encountered it once, it is really worse, I can’t find it. After people actively call the specific address, take me in the past.)

3. In the hotel: Because they are booked in advance, after the hotel counters, the scheduled information will be given to the waiter. In individual cases, you need to deposit, this time you can use the translation app.

4. Take a taxi: Just as the country, which country will have black rentals, rent high prices. Want to avoid being deceived can only make yourself more cautious. There is a subway as much as possible in the airport; if there is no subway, you must take a taxi point at the airport, the railway station.

If there is no official taxi point, you must also take the car, I will give him the address, and then ask: \”How much? \u0026 # 34; (how much?), They will say a price, if it is I can accept it again, I will get on the bus again. If the price is too outrageous, even the price is not used, then change others. 想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看

There is also a driver to answer \”meter, meter\”, I Just ask \u0026 # 34; About how much? \u0026 # 34; (about how much), because they often say a relatively reliable price, if you think you can accept it, you can accept it.


5. Eating: There are a few practical apps, you can check the surrounding special catering, some netizen reviews, you can find your favorite restaurant, navigate the past.

Del tasting, take The menu is visible to the map, or you can recommend it according to the netizen.

03 Safety and precautions

One, including personal safety, property safety, etc. All of the countries and cities have good people, and there are bad people, so we have to exercise into a cautious person, try to reduce the emergency, so that we can guarantee our journey and expected The same perfect.

想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看2. From simple to difficult, find a feeling of reaching to far: The first self-help tour will go abroad, first choose more countries, such as Southeast Asia.It can be easily helpful in encounter problems; then summarize the experience, and then start with a farther place.

3. The strength is: It is not recommended that there is no free travel experience in China, directly abroad.Although the world outside is not so terrible, the safety factor so will decrease.

Overview of the country is not terrible, not the age, as long as you have a full preparation, and a wonderful world is in front of you.

想出国自由行,不会外语怎么办?用我的方法试试看 Graphic original, welcome to pay attention to 喵 游, share fun, interesting stories and route stories for you during the trip.

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