In 2020, the development status of China’s automobile maintenance and maintenance industry market, industry concentration is decentralized


A summary of automobile maintenance

Automotive maintenance is a general proportionality of automotive maintenance and repair, refers to a technical means to find out a fault, find out the cause of the failure. And take certain measures to eliminate malfunctions and recover certain performance and safety standards. Car maintenance mainly includes automotive maintenance, automotive repair, automotive maintenance inspection, automotive maintenance information and car repair parts.


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Narrow car maintenance mainly has two major daily maintenance and additional maintenance category. Daily maintenance is a project that must be performed, and additional maintenance is the project that customers choose to do should do. Generalized automotive maintenance also includes automotive beauty, car modification, automotive decoration, automotive boutique, etc. From the service project, the modern automotive maintenance service project can be largely divided into explosion-proof heat-insulating film construction, body beauty, interior beauty, paint treatment, automotive protection and six parts of automotive boutique.


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Second, Automotive Maintenance Development History

China Maintenance Market is short, but In the past 20 years, the rapid development has become one of the world’s largest market. At present, my country’s automobile maintenance mainly refers to the maintenance conditions required for different materials required by the vehicles, using special nature of special care materials and products, The process of carrying out new maintenance care. Today’s automotive maintenance covers the maintenance range of engines, gearboxes, chassis, cooling systems, fuel systems, etc. my country’s automobile maintenance industry has experienced four stages: the germination period, development stage of automobile services, the initial stage of growth, and the growth period.


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Third, the development status of automobile maintenance industry

With the rapid development of my country’s auto industry, the number of car insurance is yearly Increased, the average model is extended year by year, and the market, especially the automotive maintenance market, is also rapidly developed. According to statistics, 2020 China’s automobile maintenance market size is 1.23 trillion yuan, up 2.50% year-on-year, basically in the late growth in the later period, and maintain a stable market scale.


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From the number of automotive maintenance enterprises, 2020 epidemic The market has caused impact. According to statistics, 2011-2019In the year, the number of newly established enterprises in China Automobile Maintenance was a year-on-year growth trend. In 2020, the number of new enterprises was 5,1737, down 32.88% year-on-year, with an average annual growth rate of 19.53%. 2020年中国汽车维修养护行业市场发展现状,行业集中度过于分散

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Four, Automotive Maintenance Industry Competitive Pattern

At present, my country’s auto repair market presents 4S special maintenance Store, car fast repair chain, single store three-five competitive pattern. After the anti-monopoly implementation, the parts resources are shared, and the consumer selection surface is larger, and a large situation in the 4S shop is broken. However, the degree of maintenance will replace the channel to become a new barrier in 4S shop. The 4S shop has been difficult to enter from the other year of maintenance experience, and there is a strong and smooth accessories supported by the vehicle factory supporting suppliers. The degree of level is higher, and there is a difficult substitution in the high-end high-end, luxury car maintenance market, and the luxury car maintenance market.

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2020年中国汽车维修养护行业市场发展现状,行业集中度过于分散 V Its the future development trend of automobile maintenance industry

China’s auto market has been in the past More than ten years Development, but the service market is relatively lagging, my country’s maintenance services have developed rapidly in the nearly 10 years, but the industry is in the industry, which is the pain point of the industry, but it is also a big opportunity, with mobile The development of interconnection and digital technology, my country’s auto maintenance industry may continue to achieve growth.

According to statistics, 2016-2020, my country’s auto maintenance and maintenance market is 3.8% year-on-year, but with the end of the epidemic, the automotive market is warm, and it is expected that my country’s automobile maintenance and maintenance market will grow faster. . Therefore, it is expected that my country’s automotive maintenance and maintenance market in 2026 will reach 1.6 trillion yuan, and the composite growth rate in 2021 to 2026 reached 4.15%.

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