In 2022, you can learn 8 high-income skills in your spare time.

You brought the value directly related to your development skills. The more skills you develop, or your deeper your current high-income skill, the greater the value you can bring. In other words, the more value you have brought to customers or organizations, the more income you earn. Value, skills and income are friends with each other.

I think we all agree that doctors, lawyers or engineers are occupations with high-income skills, but these skills cannot learn in their spare time without formal education. In this article, I will focus on the high-income skills that can be learned in my spare time.

2022年,您可以在业余时间学习的 8 项高收入技能

1. Content creation

We live in the creator economy. Some of the biggest stars today are hanging users, e-commerce anchors or microblogging large v. In fact, in average, we spend more daily than traditional media (such as TV or broadcast).

As far as conclusion, the creator economy can make a lot of money. You don’t need more than 100,000 followers to make money online.

But remember, although anyone can create shake or publish content on Weibo, but content creation is a skill you need to develop. Your first video or article may be very bad and the number of views is zero. It’s ok. What is important is that you started through training content. You have joined the creator economy.

Today, any type of content has a platform – whether it is video, blog, audio or image. When you first started, I strongly recommend that you start with the content you can play your natural advantage.

If you are not so good before the camera, you are a very good writer, don’t make a video in hanging or quick hands, but add to know or Weibo.

If you are not so excellent writer, you can make people fans about you, then start shake or faster programs. The more you give you your own advantage, the faster you get your browsing and attention. The more the number of viewing and attention, the more you earn.

2. Marketing

Each company needs marketing. . This means that the demand for high quality marketers is large. Whether we are talking about brand experts, advertising experts, digital marketing staff or content marketing staff. Marketing is an important part of each company.

It is not enough to have good products or services – you need good marketing. Without self-marketing, your potential customers will even be aware of your existence.

How can they buy it from you when people don’t even know your existence?

As the marketing is very extensive, I recommend you pay attention to specific marketing skills, such as:

Brand promotion content marketing advertising social media marketing enterprise marketing search engine optimization marketing email marketing

I have learned marketing in college, but in fact my self-study in my work is more. As many of the best marketing people do not have a marketing degree. On the contrary, you can learn marketing through reading successful marketers or entrepreneurs, these books tell the real experience, learn online marketing courses, and study the current most successful brand marketing strategy.

The most important thing is that there is no better teacher than the experience of the real world. Consider starting the online sub-industry to apply your marketing course. For me, this is the ultimate path of cultivating my marketing skills.

In short, no matter what you work for your own or for employers, marketing is a high-income skill. Better marketing is equal to more sales – it is as simple as.

3. Sales

Most companies need excellent marketing staff and high-quality salespeople. Remember, sales and marketing are not exactly the same. Become an excellent sales personnel do not necessarily mean that you are an excellent marketing personnel – vice versa.

For example, you may be good at making advertising, but may not be good at transferring potential customers to a one-on-one sales dialogue. You may be good at establishing a brand, but not good at creating a high conversion sales channel. This is a different game.

University will not cultivate your sales skills, teach you to sell too dry and theoretical. On the contrary, it is best to read some of the best sales staff and apply their skills to real life as soon as possible.

All in all, when you are good at sales, many companies will have a high demand for you. Since your skills directly help to improve the company’s bottom line, you can expect generous income – whether an extra commission is still a big salary.

4. Copywriting

The written writing is a sense of convincing writing, so readers are more likely to perform an action. It is mainly used for sales pages to convert readers to customers, but can also be used to convert readers to email subscribers or followers.

Copywriting is a very valuable skill, because it tends to directly increase the sales of the company – whether your own or your work is working. The more persuasive your article, the more you earn. It’s that simple.

In my opinion, any content creator, writer or marketing personnel should study at least the basics of writing writing. Whether you are selling or product, the copy will improve your overall quality and make the content more attractive to readers.

5. Personal Finance and Investment

I believe everyone should learn personal wealth and investment. However, until today, it is still not at the school.

Despite this, we must deal with money. The more you understand it, the more you create andKeep. Therefore, learning personal finance and investing is one of the most valuable high-income skills.

to see the hard-working people because they have not been taught how to manage money and suffer severe financial pressure, which is puzzling.

Fortunately, this is one you can spare time by reading the most successful investors of books easy cultured skills. Just follow a few simple rules, you can completely change your financial future.

personal finance and investing hardest terms are used. The investment community interested in the complex terminology used in relatively simple matter to make it look like rocket science. Learning all of these terms and understand the financial knowledge is the key. 2022年,您可以在业余时间学习的 8 项高收入技能

full control of your money and learn all the knowledge about personal finance and investment. Learn savings, inflation, stock, index funds, encryption currency, real estate, of course – taxes. Master these financial skills can really change lives.

6. Video Production

whether it is in other areas of marketing, content creation, or commercial, video production are becoming increasingly important. Since this is usually a time-consuming task that requires highly specific skills, so it is one of the priorities of the company to hire freelancers.

video production skills is a high income, because it requires unique capabilities. Whether it is online video editing program, create a video ad or any other form of video production, its demand is huge.

7. Graphic Design

just as video production, graphic design is a special skill, in great demand. Whether designing logos, visual merchandising assets, or ppt, as long as you can make a beautiful design, you will get high returns.

8. Coding

in an increasingly digital business environment, coding become an increasingly valuable skill. Today, most companies require an application, website or software program – and they are willing to spend a lot of money on it.

In the workplace, the software developer is the company’s star, after all, the quality of the application is actually in their hands.

There are many online courses and learning resources can make your own coding – not be described herein recommendation.

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