In a particularly inconspicuous little alley, there is a bit like a large-railing 6-tuning


Mid-Autumn Festival holiday has passed, started! But think about sticking to the 9-day class, the friends are about to usher in the National Day 7 days, is it excited?

These days are cloudy, cold, just a few days ago, the bunches of the store can be arranged.

This store is in a particularly inconspicuous little alley, the environment in the store It’s a bit like a big gear, the boss is so enthusiastic, you must buy a double meal, very cost-effective. 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串

[123 Although their families are called strings, but they add flavors, plus tastes, and string. When the bunny is going to choose a string, it is too small to return to the string, because the type is too small, especially the leeks, and the county liver and coriander beef are highlighted. 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串



[123 ] Not more, open! The first round is to see coriander beef, must be more, or wait for you to eat again, I have been robbed, hahaha.


在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串 To be honest, coriander beef It is the biggest one I took, and the rest quickly saw the meat, 1 piece 2 cents, or if there is no group purchase, I can not do it! The taste did not have to say, dipping the plate lever!


radish proposal, very good, mainly the bottom of the pot, A good pineapple is soft, spicy spicy, I have a good song that I don’t love to eat radish.

在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串 fish seed burns, my favorite, usually the satellite cooked spicy .


chicken is a block, 2 signs, no string of chicken tender But in the spicy pot, you can really get good!


Bamboo shoots rarely eat old, take more.

● Crazy ●

Two of the group purchase It is very good, the blood of the duck has been super thin, the entrance is particularly tender, no smell, really delicious. Don’t let go of the bean sprouts at the bottom, crisp and delicious! 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串

[123 ] The quantity of the plumbch is quite big, the flowers are tender, the more I want to come to the bottle of beer. 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串

● Spicy beef ●

[ 123] Spicy beef is after I added, a plate of 28 yuan, the bottom is a lot of bean sprouts, beef is the above layer, 6 blockbusters, meat and thick, the taste is absolutely poor than professional hot pot store, the spicy is enough , The meat is also tender, it is easy to chew, come here to meat! 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串

[123 ] 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串 ● ● 小 算 账 ●

66 Sign Detesed 39.6 yuan

Hair duck blood 16 yuan

plus flower 19 yuan [123 ]

麻 油 8 yuan

Small material 2 parts 6 yuan

pot bottom 12 yuan

在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串 group purchase price 29.9 yuan

+ Spicy beef 28 Yuan 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串

+2 cans Snow 6 yuan

在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串 +32 sign 19.2 yuan

total consumption: 83 yuan

Number of dining: 2 people

Business hours: 11: 00-23: 00

September 16, 2021

\”Zhao Da Niu 6 Machine\” Address: 9-, Xiangjiang Street, Huanggu District No. 1 在一个特别不起眼的小胡同里,有一家有点像大排档的6毛涮串


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