In addition to making money in life (in addition to making money, what goals should I establish?)

Today’s society, young people overdraft consumption, and advanced consumption has become an atmosphere. In fact, this is a large trap on the road of life. It is possible to fall into the debt crisis.

年轻人最需要储备什么?怎么才能快速实现人生目标? Network map

What is the most important reserve?

As a young people who have just entered society, they should be determined as soon as possible. The sooner my life goals, the greater the future achievements. Young people don’t want to compare with others, you have to compare with yourself. Are you progressing today than yesterday? Are you mature today than yesterday?

Young people need to reserve knowledge and experience, on the road leading to life goals, the knowledge is critical. Young people are most prone to setbacks, frustration is the experience of life, and it is also the wealth of life. When you are young, we must develop habits that love to read and love learning, and develop these habits will benefit from life. The young people must have the habit of summing up experience in failure. They should always sum up their failure and the cause of others. With this habit, there is a lot of life roads.

Young is the capital, you can try to try it when you are young, you will stand up again. Success is that it is more than one time, and the process of trying the error is the process of you accumulated experience. The experience of young people needs to have failed, and the road to success will be more smooth.

年轻人最需要储备什么?怎么才能快速实现人生目标? Struggle

If you don’t want to try it, there is no chance to wait until you are old. The more the risks you can bear, the smaller the ability to bear the risk as the age is growing. Don’t wait until the old regrets, you have to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. People live in a lifetime to be crazy once, for a person, a dream, even if it is lost, it is also defeated.

Young people have to save power for their goals, even if hundreds of dollars have been stored, the money is stored in the moon, and this fund will help you achieve your goals. This money should be thundered, this is the special fund of your life goal. Be sure to stick to it, this is a strong backing of your life goals.

I have a colleague before, and he will pay a lot of money, pay the down payment, and later breathe it for the rest of the mortgage. Later, the mortgage was not yet, he began to do a credit card, let go of loan until it is completely fallen into the debt crisis.


When he bought a house, the performance of the performance was stable, he believed that the down payment was paid, and the mortgage should not have a problem. I have repeatedly advised him that this money is not as good as the startup fund of entrepreneurship, and it will turn 200,000 to 400,000 or even more. Or as an improvement of your own launching funds, you will be more powerful. That is also better to buy a house to carry the mortgage.

I still haveA friend, he saved a little money to pay a first payment, and lived the life of driving. I also advised him that the car is not the ultimate goal of your life, you should use this money as investment entrepreneurship, play the biggest value in the shortest time. Or use this money to improve yourself, armed their own funds, is the fastest way to achieve your life goals, rather than buying a car, but also carrying the burden of the car.

年轻人最需要储备什么?怎么才能快速实现人生目标? Network map

Young people don’t worry about the life of the room, I believe that there must be a lot of people. You have to distinguish between the master, what is the most important thing in your life. How can I earn the first bucket of life in the shortest time? The first bucket of gold is the most difficult to earn, and most people in the world have not earned the first bucket of gold in life. Life should be determined as soon as possible, starting with their goals as soon as possible, you can make our own first bucket of gold in a limited life.

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