In addition to reward and advertising, short video else can make money!


\”Short Video Industry Collection\” community has accumulated more than 200 short video operations, promotion and profitability. I want to get \”Short Video 200 Q\” or I hope to join the community to learn together, click \”Learn more\”.

Takui sorted out 5 questions to everyone in the community, hoping to help more partners walking in short video. Here is also grateful to each small partner in the community ~

This paper covers 5 aspects of the presentation, planning, operation, shooting, and clip.

1. What is the income of the second shot? \”(Community ID: group wisdom)


answer (community ID: short video Gu Xiaoyu): [123 ]

Seconds in itself, there is no platform to be divided into, but the second shot recently opened the creator quotation function:

1) Custom offer: Created by the creative, or Implanted an advertisement of this product to get a benefit.

2) Forward quotes: forward advertising video works to Weibo.

3) Patch quotation: On the platform, on the creator’s work, attach a 6-second video, and then obtain the income through the number of video playback and fans.

2. \”What kind of shooting equipment is used in the initial stage of the team?\” (Community ID: 健)

Answer (Community ID: Crafts):

Can select Canon 5DSR single, and configured 24-70 mm focal length lens to take some still quote.

3, \”What video effects are simple to use?\” (Community ID: viyll) 除了打赏和广告,短视频还有这些你不知道的赚钱方式! Answer (Community ID: Crafts):

There is a mirror image in the video effect, the displacement can be used, and there is erase, dissolve, slide to change the scene, so that your video is not so blunt.

4, how to maintain fans in the beautiful shooting channel? (Community ID: Attack on Tai Fook) 除了打赏和广告,短视频还有这些你不知道的赚钱方式! answer (Community ID: tutu sauce):

meet the needs of the fans, to maintain regular interaction. The content should be prejudice, handsome, beautiful elements, do more. For example, the beauty of the beauty will collect fans to the content of the content in the show, do what they want to see, and reply to the problem of fans to maintain the viscosity of fans.

5, \”Live video, such as competitive competition, how is the prospects, where is it better?\” (Community ID: Xiaobai – Lolo) 除了打赏和广告,短视频还有这些你不知道的赚钱方式! Answer (Community ID: Hu Jian) Oh):

Live video is still more fire, involving live broadcast, anchoring showgreat influence.If you have this resource, you can try it.How do you start with the content of the specific live class? What should I do? It is best to be fine to a point.There is a content show!

\”Short Video Industry Collection\” is the largest industry community that is established by light rain.The community has accumulated more than 200 short video operations, promotion, and profitability.

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除了打赏和广告,短视频还有这些你不知道的赚钱方式! ↓ Click \”Learn more\”, welcome you to join

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