In front of the holiday, don’t let the \”paper moon cake\” disrupt the market.

(Author Zhu Changjun

(Author Zhu Changjun, Lai Chi News special commentator, media commentator; this article \”Department of Litchi News Client, Exclusive Draft, please indicate the source.) [123


Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the moon cake topic started fire. Recently, there was a media survey found that the yellow cattle of the collection coupon was more. The reporter visited a brand to pick up the goods in Beijing, and found that there was a yellow cattle active nearby. According to the yellow cattle report, the brand moon cake coupon recovery price is 40% off the original price – 50% off, and the coupon is more than 60% off. This will be sold, and each will sell a coupon.

Since the sales cycle and shelf life is relatively short, in order to address the pressure of production and market demand, some moon cake manufacturers choose to sell moon cake coupons, and it is also a market-based wisdom. Also, moon cake coupons are also convenient for consumers’ diversified needs.

However, the yellow cattle is not only a difference, through the joint efforts of the upstream dealer, the gift company, may also control the short-term acquisition and shooting price, which already has a normal market to a certain extent. Order. In addition, in order to attract group purchase, it is alleged.

For consumers, there is a certain risk from the yellow cows in the hand of the yellow cattle. The moon cake to be \”will not be palatable\” or the \”difficulty\”, or even asked to increase the price. Moon cakes in other styles. For example, last year, from the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau 12315 hotline platform data showed that the four days before the National Day holiday, the general food complaints reported 743 pieces, involving 160 pieces of mooncake complaints, mainly reflecting the moon cake \”difficult\” 70%), delivery is not timely, \”scan code exchange\” fruitless, after-sales service delay, etc. Therefore, compared to moon cake coupons, ordinary consumers buy them directly, is a more reliable thing.

However, from market feedback, it is not too worried about the phenomenon of the yellow cows and moon cake coupons. As a very obvious special product, the ceiling of the moon cake sales market is not high. According to relevant statistics, although China moon cake sales increased from 13.18 billion yuan in 2015 to 20.52 billion yuan in 2020, the growth rate continued to slow down. This means that the space of the yellow cattle \”lying on the waves\” is also limited.

Of course, this does not mean that you can listen to the chaos. Especially suspicion of illegal behavior, the functional department should also strengthen supervision, whether it is the yellow cattle speculation, or the merchant deliberately set promotional routines, and pedaling the legal red line will be punished according to law. In addition, consumers should also brighten your eyes. A few days ago, China Consumers will prompt to society. Consumers should try to purchase in regular channels when they purchase moon cakes, and they can be purchased on demand. I have a happy and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival, don’t let the \”paper cake\” destroy your mood.

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