In order to live comfortably, I did this 13 small things, I learned that it would become more and better.


Often some people give me a message, saying that they are very anxious, very unhappy, and have a lot of emotions.

I am actually a very easy to worry, work can’t be done on time, I will be anxious to sleep.

This state is not good.

This year I started to adjust, I want to try to make myself feel comfortable. After all, then work hard to make money, isn’t it to live a little better?

If anxious, unhappy, life is a mess, even if it is a big success, how about it?

And I found that a person is good, life will become better, and the cause will become better.

So adjusting your own state is important.

I have been adjusted by the following 13 small things, very good, and very well.

1, take care of your own body, tired, take a break.

Don’t work when it is extremely exhausted, so you are not happy, efficiency is not high.

I used to be a working mad, no matter how tired, I have to finish the things of the hand. Once, I finished all the curriculum, and the result was backache back in the next week, but delayed the work behind, but also made it very uncomfortable.


The body is comfortable, the whole person is refreshed, and it is more conducive to work.

2, weekend must eat some delicious.

The healing ability of food is really too powerful, there is a thousand unhappy, and it is delicious to eat.

Most of the time is eating, occasionally doing at home.

On the weekend, I made a hot pot at home. This is the first time in this year. I stripped with the second treasure, and I will become a flower, and the room is filled with peanuts. The aroma, all anxiety is running without trace.


3, 11:30 before sleeping.

I found that as long as more than 11:30, I will insomnia, I willAnxiety, you will want to think about our West, the second day is not good. Not good in state is not high, and the efficiency is not more anxious and falls into a vicious circle.

Many unhappiness, they are not causing, I have to sleep early, and I will rest at noon. Anyway, as long as you can’t sleep, I am not happy.

4, away from negative energy.

In real life, I hate the kind of people who can’t complain, so I will filter it uncolligated, now this kind of person is almost around me. Persevered.

In the network, the negative energy is more, I used to have a time for emotional consultation, and I will die half of it. Now I stop this piece, if someone leaves a message If you say negative energy, I will also ignore.

为了活得舒服点,我做了这13件小事,学会了越变越好 A person is entangled by negative energy, it is impossible to be happy, only endless troubles.


5, doing things you are good at, don’t envy others.

Travel blogger is too good, you can play everywhere, wear the blogger too good, you can be beautiful every day. I envy others, I feel that I have a good dish, and the gray face of the gray, there is no more people earn more.

Later, I wanted to understand that many people have envied my energy source constantly writing articles. Everyone has their own good things, grabbing themselves, do it. To the extreme.

We can’t become someone else, you can only become yourself.


6, not arguing that there is nothing to do.

Strive for winning, no one will give you money, how do you say it, have this time, it is better to see this book, or work for a while.

In the past, if someone gave a bad review under my article, I will argue, and now it is not. You can express your own ideas, you have to allow others to don’t like it, and the three views will be different.

not to fall into unnecessary controversy, I will be happy lot.

7, let themselves in warmth.


In winter, I will buy a lot of small objects for heating, such as heating blankets, warm neck instrument, I also like to wear hair pants to wear constant temperature underwear, and then open the heating air conditioner. In short, no matter how cold frozen outside, I must make yourself warmly surrounded.

Even if nothing, just warm, it has been very happy. 为了活得舒服点,我做了这13件小事,学会了越变越好

8, less managed others.

It is suspected that you have to worry, especially people to middle age, your own business is not worried, do others do it. Is someone else married, is it a child, is it a boyfriend, it is their own business.

Too much tube, it is easy to become a seven major aunt that is annoyed in other people, too trouble. In addition to writing articles, I have barely express anything about anyone. Of course, except for those who are closely related to themselves.

9, record the beauty in life.


A cup of delicious fruit tea, a good-looking flower, I have seen friends who have not seen many years, don’t remember it, you never know, I originally Live so colorful.

I really like to send a circle. Basically, three will be sent every day. The students give praise. I will remember it. The reader said that I learned something through my article. I will also remember. Down.

When mood is frustrating, look at these records and will be confident to yourself.

10, often buy a beautiful small object.

, such as fragrance, such as flowers, such as small ornaments, these things look very useful, but they have a magical magic, you can instantly People feel good, people think life in sparkling.

The life needs to be poetry and distant. Some beautiful and useless small objects can also become poetry and distant. 为了活得舒服点,我做了这13件小事,学会了越变越好

11, quietly see a few pages.

Whenever anxiety is irritating, I will take a book from the bookshelf, even if I just see a few pages, my heart will calm down.

Many unhappy and anxiety are caused by upset, calm, everything is fine.

为了活得舒服点,我做了这13件小事,学会了越变越好 12, often go out to turn one turn, even if it is just to go shopping.

After staying in the room for a long time, the face is not so good, go out to turn around, the activity of the activity, the color will be much better. 为了活得舒服点,我做了这13件小事,学会了越变越好

Going out, the world is wide, and the heart will become wider.

13, let the entertainment have a result.

I like to chase the vetera, and I also like to take pictures of beauty, these, it seems to be entertaining in many people. Often some people say that it is very empty.

In the first twenty years of life, I basically didn’t chase the film, but I didn’t make sense. But later, I will write a drama, and the drama is no longer just entertainment, and will give me the benefits of reality. When I ran again now, I didn’t have a sense of guilty and emptiness.

Let the like entertainment bring visible benefits, not only entertainment can be maintained, and the whole life will continue to go in a better direction. 为了活得舒服点,我做了这13件小事,学会了越变越好

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