Injured woman, Li Bud, netizen: Read more is also a woman, women always imagine love

Li Yuzi passed households, netizens: Reading more is also a woman, women always imagine love, women and students can’t save a man who has changed. Now Wang Lihong has not responded yet. Li Yuzei’s words are not a word, it is enough to give the majority of women to wake up, wipe your eyes before marriage, don’t lose myself in marriage after marriage. After reading the small essay written by Li Yu Lei, after all, it is a graduate student in Columbia, and people still have to read.


I saw it: 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 I saw it for a long time, I knew that he was a slag male plus unequal treaty. The selection of women is married. After marriage, it is still slag. Male, women still don’t want to divorce, but the man is firmly divorced, the result is to ruin you, why can’t you be two wide, your own is well? The article is higher, it is actually such a thing.

Didn’t see the male excuse says that all the public opinion is dismissed, and the news said that he is derailed, and the male immediately responded. This kind of self-esca-it is still in the back of others, and the key is still pregnant, and the so-called true love is found. This is equivalent to a completeness of a woman who is full of women who pay for him. It is you, do you not say?

One should be two wide, but it is hard to be good. The male transferred the property, and the woman did not know anything. If you know the marriage, it is a woman who cares for the man, and the man is doing it.

That is greedy, it will be so deep that you will not fall, and you will not be so deep.

The child is the biggest soft rib. And you are not.

Li Yu Lei, I really finished reading, admire her endurance, and feel worthless for her!

I am like you, the word is not finished, my heart is awkward, I really agree with a lot of places, I think the unmarried girl is really necessary to see.


Suddenly thought of Zong Yuli’s decision very well!

Hey, people are not opt-quality, have been said to be high-quality idols, then there are so many things I have seen it for a long time. If he is not divorced, the woman will not explode so many scandals; but if not divorced, there is a Three have been pregnant, he doesn’t want people to be unmarried, the mother is huge! This multi-slag.

He did not divorce three, broke the news, and divorced and splamed into the original.

The rabbit will bite people! This time, this has become a mortgage in the wind box, so that the trend of the tiger behind the wolf, it has been destined to escape.

Some did not understand, such as why she didn’t move in a few days, where did you see the double?

Your dance teacher said that he, this sentence, very clearly used the male \”he.\”


The article is too long, the word is tooSmall, can’t see.

Your eyes should pay attention to the less mobile phone, after all, is different from normal people.

I don’t know why so many books are read, I am willing to accept a repeatedly derailed person. This betrayal person should think that one day, he is swept away, it should be prepared.

There is also your own reason. The bottom line and the principle must be there. I hope I can understand that I don’t let my child will be so committed to the whole …

Choosing a partner is not a book, I will choose, facing a handsome, famous people, many people It’s hard to awake.

Yes. Always fantasy will be fine. After all, there is money and handsome.

Instructions that the girls love, they will naturally know the slag, for the children, choose a taste. This is actually extremely irresponsible for yourself and your child.

受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 Describe her corruption, appearance, and property will always be inclusive.

I met from 16 years old … If it is a college graduation, it is estimated that there is no such thing.

This reading is not reading, because the academic qualifications do not mean not to be a slag male, a high-level slag male, male society, no matter what height you stand, there are slag men, this is Men’s true color.

In love is a fool, even if she loves, I have seen revenge now!

Are you talking about Zhang Zide?

To tell the truth, I think it is better.

Liu Da Ge had eaten such a big loss, and if it is not good, it will look back.

The key is that the chapter has not become a maternity machine, and it has always been a business, and it is also a danger.

You are right, women must not be love to love the brain, can not give up their career for giving birth, read so many books, and finally a full-time wife, and do not have yourself Value, this morning is getting farther and farther away from men. Besides, men are derailed twice, but also choose forgive, rather than taking it in time?

Wang Lihong has a lot of money and prostitute, and it is directly among the circles after marriage. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

Read more, it is also a woman. Women always fantasy love.

The man is really a slag, but as a person who has the heritage, no matter how elegant tear is actually a kind of insult to himself and the other party, the woman has its own problem until the divorce decision Outbreak, that is, the previous kinds of compromises have chosen, and have to look at her knowledge early, why bother yourself in this 燕 燕, 离 \u200b\u200b了 重 重 重 自 自 不? Since choosing to leave, why should he have retaliated a profitable past all spreads to ridicule. I believe that when I started, I really really, I don’t love it. There is no need to deny the beauty because the ending does not love. In this case, quietly leave, re-oscillatingLooking for your own beauty, not lack of money is not lacking, the extraction is the most wise as soon as possible.

Supporting her, the public image of the star in recent years keeps collapse, reflecting the same problem as she said, people who have money to manipulate media, media manipulate the public, star It is also a human, there are many shortcomings and human dark faces. To make the star of the star, let the public’s cognition return to the right track, and women are still very weak, to be independent and self-reliant, to maintain their rights, or to survive nothing.

Read more books, encountering a famous man, lost self, signing the agreement before marriage, it is destined to fail, women are fascinating, always think that they can change one person, It’s really not to understand the man, and finally make exhausted, scar, everything rely on yourself, and the heart is not fragrant?


Supports your statement, the unqualified agreement before the signing is, unfortunately.

A sigh, three views collapsed again. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

It turned out to be a full family responsibility of Mombao, thank you, I gave the truth, won’t let other women hurt.

First of all, no king. This slag is divorced. Even if you should not marry. Before marriage, it is inferior, marriage, also signed an unequal treaty. That is the 啥 要? Since there is a high degree, there is culture, you can find a good job to self-sufficient, love your child, I want to have a full love family, the first child can recognize the slag male face, divorce, find someone you love, Work you like, live you think about? What should I do? No need! You are young women with cultural powerful ideas. I have to wait until the three children are born, they are divorced so awake? With the logic of this article, the author is not a stupid and sweetness of brain. Everything is in the eyes. Now exploding, nothing is not worthless for yourself. But clearly, you can stop the loss, you can see the reality, you can have a happy family for children. I should not regenerate it for the slag men! ! Such a high-degree woman, such a difficult life, don’t say it is really for children, I want me, for the child, I have long been away from this slag.

Although there is still a typison, logical thinking is really strong, feeling her helplessness and incomparable despair.

It is not a different word, which is from traditional words to Simplified words.

The female Fang Wen is not covered. It is worthy of the famous school, it is clear, and the layers are in the narrative, and there is no nonsense. At the end of the text, it is also sublimated to the future and all women. Encourage, re-have come … Wen, really! ! .

Such a high degree should look through the transparent, how can you tolerate a slag male husband to this point, completely without the bottom line forgive, everything is causing. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

I have seen an article about marriage. The marriage can’t get money. Only the problem of paying money is a normal relationship. Women paying for their children in fertility is valuable. Before having a child, it is necessary to negotiate a consensus. A lot of women are not considering, and they have paspeared and painful children. They make themselves very passive.

There is culture that is different to support Li Yu Lei, but must take it back! ! !

It seems that men’s commonality, love is on their mouths, there is no action in action, and they will be unfavorable to death.

The lesson of this thing is that excellent women should stop in time, find that the other party is not right to pick up children, have been born in breastfeeding, is a man is easy to derailed this time, not to mention idols . In marriage, women can’t be too obedient, their own life is the Lord, if Wang Li is like this, it is better to divorce early, to endure for so long, and psychological trauma. Such excellent women leave Wang Lihong will not be poor, and the cause should be very good. So the old man said, marriage should be the door to the door.

I believe that it is true, hurt, but still tells it. After many years, I said these words, leaving is the best choice. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 If it is true. . . . That is not worth it. But this is the common phenomenon of entertainment circles. Just why don’t stop the loss in time? I have been divorced earlier.

10 years now, maybe \”early\”, she is still declared after retirement, she has been 20 years earlier!

The text is not humble, the condition is clear, and it is a cultural man.

I didn’t expect 2021 that is about to say, there is such an explosive news, and will there be more than 2 weeks? I am looking forward to.

There is still a big girl than I am more unfortunate! Woman is in this world, in the world of men, especially after being a housewife, I fully understand your mood. I am like you, but I am not good, my husband is not derailed. It’s almost like you, I have two children. I also had my own career before marriage, I also have my own dreams. I became a full-time housewife, a multi-role, because there is no money in my family, so everything is a nanny cleaning worker. Laundry, dishwashing clean. Cleaning the missing driver, buying a garden gardener everything. My husband gave you a little money to you, you can’t ask him more. He said this price to eat Laza, the rent of hydropower gas, everything is him, and it is very great. What is your trunk at home a day? What did you have? What is tired? ! 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 It’s very sudden … I usually come back to a man who loves my family. Seven years of separation of two places suddenly said that I want to live freely … I feel that my first halfBorn and she is very like … Different, the child is 20 small 16, not sleeping overnight … think about it should be the fate.

So, the word \”male\” is like, \”male\”, let him go to Tianli, full of fatigue, he will not expand, To put it bluntly, it is a woman’s habit, especially with children, love is sometimes confused, will be deep hurt, in the end, it is true, love yourself.

The key is that I didn’t finish the word last night.

Li Yu Lei and Wang Li, I have always felt that it will be good, my thoughts are also like Li Yuzei, that is, a harmonious family is good, I also think Wang Lihong can satisfy Li Yu Lei, but what is this, Li Yu Lei and Wang Lihong Three views are inconsistent! Li Yuzi should not find a person in an entertainment circle, she should find someone who is an academic circle or a business circle, and she should not find too handsome.

I have never read these dog blood stickers seriously, but I read it carefully and read it. Just want to say that each glamorous is unable to be unbearable and helpless. Such an example is increasingly unwilling to walk into the marriage. Some people say that the marriage system is in violation of humanity ~ So the demise of marriage is inevitable? ?

I was married at the age of 16, actually such a good text.

Sixteen years of age, now get married for eight years!

There are too many explosive news this year, the entertainment industry is too chaos. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

A excellent woman … What is it for her? ! …… It’s awkward, it’s born! !

Three children have a new journey. I believe that 靓蕾 can become an excellent mother because she has been doing so. Different, the \”paper\”, smashing, single mother’s \”label\” officially became a flag, war, play …

Blessing 靓蕾, the years are quiet, everything is good again to come again And your child. On the way, re-departure, you are not alone … Similarly, for each strong and hard single mother, send my deep blessings, life will definitely, must …

Women 10 million Don’t give up yourself for the so-called love, don’t give up your job for your child. Women should be independent of economics and spirit, will not be called victims. Don’t tell yourself so poor, why do you endure 10 years?

Sigh, only love yourself, others are ingredients …

I didn’t expect that I want to see the second, although there is a cultural woman. Writing is also good.

The child is also his weapon, thinking that the child can make women shut up! He is just a long young, and there is no work to eat old. It is a good condition for ordinary people. It doesn’t matter that he can’t keep up with the era. The circle is closed. His mind still thinks that women are 20 years ago, because Loved onesWife’s performance made him too confident, now parted to let him take a look at the modern knowledge of women’s style is too dark, not the people pushed to a certain extent, so that women love to come, there are three common children, higher education love, how will make such a move, run it and Kirin Cai Guo Xu Kun car during that conversation very interesting, said many so-called big woods idol, four or five and you still feel that they also do cream!

In many cases a woman is too soft-hearted, even weak, he repeated himself, again and again retreat, naive to think that there will always pay in exchange for the return until the cruel reality of her blink, will begin to reflect, to fight back and women began to fight back once, what the average man is very little chance to turn over.

Text powerful, weighty sentence, logical, people still want to read more books. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

read more books if not assertive, when the brain in love, for the family to give up the cause, seemingly will lose.

Do not blame God perspective of the girls sign a prenuptial agreement is willing to make a wish, marriage is not easy, more difficult when the mother, three children no matter from production or to take care of so much absolutely have to pay all the effort, the man former father installed a good husband, a woman behind the pay of all!

The most important thing is to be concise article. We have the patience to read a summary of what Le.

of the non-long life on the mainland, some allow readers to express the continent feel \”around\”, \”not refined,\” but for people who usually work life multilingualism, it can have such a good Chinese expression, has been very good.

受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 proved the old artists, there are also many seniors have a problem, just before the network is not so advanced, we do not know. So do not always say little meat, traffic name stars they are not original sin! Do not just act cool and bright for young people, artisans began to check from home, convincing!

no anger, no self-pity, everything is calm, all the things that could go on, shocked the whole network, very powerful.

by foreign education, so highly educated, bones so traditional, if Wang does not insist on a divorce, she would also Renxia Qu. This woman, Wang missed, not many people can do.

every word a gem, this is not a public relations media, can be substituted into the first person to write out.

Fortunately, the woman graduate schools, but also self-reliance after the divorce, low compared to many cultures women are truly mad.

wow, watching me understand, Wang did not love her. Just use him.

受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 no one watches the good writing nonsense logic fluent Science Pa is not general.

eloquent thousands of words, Montreal feather.

are attracted praise from the landlord, laborious reading the full text, feeling individual statement barrier, there are typos, piecemeal, verbose, and there are really textCan’t take it.

I feel that Xiao Li gives Xiao Wang, and it is definitely more exciting. Li Yulei, you are so good, you can have more fun and happier, you can have more fun and happier. Staying around the slag male, your pay will never have a return and recognition, he will always think that all your pay and morta should be. I am a Pu Tutong, the past marriage is also as different from you. I have also been for the marriage and family children, and finally I was forced to divorce. I was very painful, I have been going out, I passed. During the sadness, during this time, I told myself in my heart in my heart. There were a lot of people in the world, and there were many people in the slag, and there were a lot more than me. Nothing didn’t, telling yourself since then I have a good life, try to refuel, don’t rely on who, don’t expect others to give me happiness and security, leaning on my own money to spend the money, use the peace of mind, in the past few years, I have passed my own efforts, I have this small house belonging to myself, I have grown up my child, and everything is full in the future. I often want to \”thanks to the slag male than I divorce\”, but I still live in a deep heat. It’s really horizontal, it is good to be, all covered, just that the woman is too crowded.

I understand a little, men and women kill, because in the meaning of exclusive eyes, there is no one with the right person.

I believe it is true, hurt, and now tells it. After many years, I have said that these words are the best choice.

I think she is writing particularly good to write a letter, gentleness and power, plus some of the wrong characters and unwilling places, more realistic.

One sentence: When a woman has a child after marriage, it is not possible to pay all kinds of self-investment in the family, to work independently …, you can’t lose yourself. Mom, it’s me.

How many outcomes are so similar, there is no compensation, and they are homework for their children’s housewives. The last thing is sad, desperate! So the woman is best not to lose myself for others, even if you love him again, because time can change everything!

Admire this woman, I really understand that she is not easy. That kind of sorrow of the child is not working. It is not the ability to make money. Instead, the family and the business are selected by the family to take care of the child. In fact, you are great, cheerful.

The most charming broke the news, unconsciously read it.

Support you want to point half of his house! Doing full-time housewives’ contribution to the family should not be ignored!

So, we must be awake, clear your life, values, positive energy dominate our own destiny, follow the edge, and light clouds.

In fact, this is a true face of men, and the woman who feels happiness in marriage, and insists on closing a eye.Waiting for your stay! Woman who has already opened his eyes, bravely divorce, a person has a child is actually happier! 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

I understand, the girl can rely on, can believe forever only myself. Therefore, in the marriage, you can do a good job in raising your child, a good man is touching, it is best, and you can’t get enough to suffer. Don’t get married without these preparations.

When they got married, I felt that this woman was very good, I didn’t understand why there were someone spurting her, and I couldn’t be able to match it. At first glance, I have a good girl.

Very gentleman is very gentle and very cultivated, and suddenly I want to know her.

Coiled slag men! The wife is for the son, until the third child has a son and immediately turned his face! Anxiously, it is necessary to deduct a divorced crime on the woman’s head.

It is very heavy in the heart, and the woman should take into account the cause of the next generation and their own career. It is a problem that needs to be seriously thought.

There is a little unclear, why did you find that he is very slag before marrying, still getting married? 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

There are too many words that you can’t see which friend can summarize the central idea. Jay Chou holds, I hope you are a good man.

It should be that Wang Lihong feels that the woman’s simply family knowledge is good. When I go home, I have completed the task of the generation, and I can’t afford to marry the woman, I will change, I will become more disilled.

His ex-wife said that Wang Lihong did not give her money at all. I have never bought her luxury. It is basically spending your own money after marriage. Of course, the children’s Wang Lihong must also give some.

Such a beautiful girl has a culture, and should not trap himself in the oily salt of the fire.

When I got married, the man was deeply informed of homosexual scandal. This woman was pulled to marry and did the block! The two sides have been aware that the women are good, my academic qualifications are also high, and the character seems very gentle, and the slag man is the life-saving straw, the most suitable marriage object!

When I just worked, a predecessor and me said that women will not do housework, but must not spend money, do not do housework, please ask the workers, will not spend money to think that the woman is easy , Find a woman to help you spend money, don’t understand it, now getting more and more understanding. However, I will now do housework and spend money.

Wang Lihong is also very simple. Yesterday, I saw the news report king, it was very simple in life.

受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 People don’t spend money, giving up hard after marriage, have not income, husband’s money is a baby, there is no extra money.

It is necessary to have psychological preparation with the star marriage, live in his aura, false happiness! At the beginning, he also had a woman’s blind worship.A child is really a waste of your most precious youth time. Girls should recognize each other, don’t be blinded by appearance, money and status, you are good, there is no one in the eyes of some kinds of men!

She must have more love to him than him.

must not endure him for so long. If you are not divorced, you may not be awakened!

Because it is not willing, her talents have always been glare in the crowd! But I have to have a more dazzling, I have to be mentally prepared, and the girls have deeper the men, and the girl should still find more than one thing.

I think it is worth the first time for her.

So I love him to destroy him? If this is love that is really horrible, distorting human love.

Women who have born children know that a person has a baby’s taste, let alone three years. 受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情

Men not cherish the good wife and good mother.

So the girl wants to get married must be falsely false, and it must be clear before marriage, and they can’t give up career for marriage.

The best way to circumvent marriage is not married, because people will change, and women have been abandoned. Men’s shooting efforts to pay for money, finally divorced because of their careers. So don’t marry and do your own pressure is also small, life is also small. There is no marriage risk, and the population is stressful.

Honghong is also very simple, one piece of clothes takes more than ten years.

I have finished reading, the woman has a complete home for the child, I don’t want to divorce, and I plan to give him freedom as long as a marriage is content; but the male wants to play outside, it is afraid that once it is taken The image of the derailed, and the girlfriend who does not want to love the girlfriend of the third party, so resolutely divorce.

Week, Wang, Liu, Luo, Chen … only one week left.

Another person who gave up self-giving yourself in marriage, the love is a fairy tale, only to see, can not enjoy, women need to live for themselves, I hope that three children can be safe Happiness, as little as possible from the influence of parents.

受伤女人李靓蕾,网友:读书再多也是个女人,女人总是幻想爱情 Women are really not easy! I hope she will take care of themselves and children.

Talents, fortunately, the mother has a bottom gas.

The more diligent woman, it is more hard than being worked hard than people, and it is not cherished by men because women can do everything in the house, so they don’t have to worry about their family, carefree over him. Life.

Quality women met the slag male, fairy tale is a deceptive.

The prostitute generally spaghettically slag men, the slag girl will not be active.

It’s really awkward, women are not happy, and have three people, there are women who have this! I have a lot of women now.I don’t want to have a child.

After giving birth, I kicked it.

Girl, good, leaving the slag male!The future of the future will only be better!

There is no meaning to say anything!The key is to know why the truth has made himself so tired of a child, and it will turn around the pot all day. Ignore yourself!I hope to live back to my own Li Yuei. Don’t worry too much. Take your child a good bidister.

I think the most ironic thing recently: Wang Lihong lost the reason, he found a good wife.

is a good girl with cultivation.

His mother drops, such a beautiful wife, your kid is thinking.

People have seven emotions.

The good wife and good mother did not encounter a good person. There were not many men in the form, and women should love themselves. They will be more hard.

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