Integrate into the international new development pattern!Beihai high-end glass and photovoltaic material industry prospects wide


Recently, the reporter saw in the production workshop of Beihai Xinyi Glass Industrial Park, a piece of block crystal clear glass slowly moved on the production line, 4 large automatic mechanical arms of the suck suction cup to put a piece of finished glass from the production line On the \”catch\”, placed never to the forklift; a light and fast forklift trailer came back and forth, a good production busy scene. It is reported that the company has completed the output value of 1.43 billion yuan, and the city’s industrial output value increased by 3 percentage points.

融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 Beihai Xinyi Glass Industrial Park Project. Li Junguang photo

Chief consultant of Xinyi Glass (Guangxi) Co., Ltd. Zhang Ming introduced that Xinyi Glass Holdings Co., Ltd. looked in the rich quality quartz sand mineral, unique location advantage and convenient port conditions in Beihai, investing in Beihai 12.2 billion yuan to build Beihai Xinyi Glass Industrial Park Project. The project is divided into super-white ultra-thin high-grade high-quality float glass production line, including 4 million pieces of automobile front shuttlable glass, low radiation coating glass production line and roof solar power station and waste heat power station project, and the year-output annual output value is 120 100 million yuan, taxation of 1 billion yuan.

After the completion of the Beihai Xinyi Glass Industry, it will actively drive the development of the upper and downstream industries, gather a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises around the glass to go to Beihai Investment Building. \”Zhang Ming introduced, Beihai Xinyi Glass Industry The garden includes the annual output value of the upper and downstream industrial chains by 30 billion yuan, which provides more than 7,000

Xinyi Glass production lines. Pang Shanshan photo 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔

Beihai has a rich quartz sand resource, ranking first in Guangxi. After recent development in recent years, the high-end glass and photovoltaic materials industry in Beihai has never been there. From small to large, it has become one of the important industrial industries in Beihai, and is also an important specialty industry in Beihai and even Guangxi. The city is planning a high-end glass and photovoltaic material industrial park with 6.2 square kilometers in the city. By introducing a group of glass products manufacturing, fiberglass, photovoltaic assembly, the city promotes the structural adjustment and product upgrading of the glass industry, and cultivates the formation of whole industry chain Technology and photovoltaic glass industrial parks have created the glass industry into an advantageous industry. At present, the leading enterprises such as Xinyi, Xinfoxing, Changli, Deli, Germany are investing in Beihai.

At the same time, the city actively serves and integrates new development pattern of international silicon technology and photovoltaic industry, relying on the national key laboratory of silicate building materials in Wuhan University of Technology, promoting the establishment of Beihai International Silicon Research Institute, Wuhan University of Science and Technology jointly conducts cooperation in production, cultivating graduate students, and strives to build a global silicon technology research center and industry incubation headquarters base.

融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 Audit | Fang Xiaoyu 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 Edit | Zhao Jin Miao 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 融入国际新发展格局!北海高端玻璃及光伏材料产业前景广阔 Agreement | Zhan Yanping

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