Intoxicated Barbbit

Source: People’s Daily – People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Chongqing Lushan people are always filled with pride when introducing their hometown cuisine: \”Tasty people come to the phoenix fish, Barbondin family rabbit.\” Ding Jia Rabbit is the \”Braised White Black Rabbit\” in Nantin’s Family – Barbbit. It makes me intoxicated for more than 50 years, and there are many stories.

\”Barbbit\” is not a hundred years old, but the new brand of reform and opening up.

When the Republic of China, Sichuan Zigong Futun County named Jiang Junwu’s young people moved to Dingjiaqiao, Daishan County (now Dingjia Street, Daishan District, Chongqing). \”Brine white habits\”. From I have memory, I know that Jiang Wu’s white chop rabbit tastes good. Jiang Wu Mong is full of silver hair, nearly 1.8 meters, the sound is loud, the voice of the Zigong hometown of Zigong. Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Jiang Wugong put the halogen stall in the integrated food store, two square tables, put a bamboo basket on a table, five or six halorative bats and emissions Inside, the other half of the table clasped the chopping board of the rabbit and a kitchen knife. The intermediate of the chopping board is clearly depressed, indicating that the working age is not short; another table is full of rabbit, there are more than 10 kinds of halves, and there are more than 10 meters away from the rabbit.

I have a long memory of halogen white habits. The memory is at the age of 8. The uncle is a traditional reading person, guiding me in the garden of the pre-Qin literature, Wei Jin literature, Tang poetry. The most effective way is to seduce me with rabbit meat. In the lack of lack of material, all meat is fragrant. In the early morning of 1971, the uncle said to me: \”You recite Li Bai’s\” Dream Tour Day, \”Reciting the bonus rabbit rabbit and two rabbit waists.\” In the morning 3 hours, I can Eat three pieces of tasty rabbits, put this ancient poems, so that it is still like a flow today.

Memories and uncle’s warmth, rabbit meat is my most profound emotional memory.

The founder of \”Bao Rabbit\” Bao Chongjiang worship teacher has got a true biography of Jiang Fifan halo rabbit. In the early 1980s, the store was opened to sell halogen, \”Baob Rabbit\” Namedn.

\”Bao Rabbit\” is selected, and the live rabbit is produced from the Bachelor of Farm, with green grass. Li Shizhen \”Compendium of Materia Medica\” believes that rabbit meat is cold, there is nourishing yin, Yiqi moisturizing, detoxification and heat.

\”Bao Rabbit\” is extremely particular, and the pure Chinese medicine formula is mixed with any additives. Authentic eating method is to go out, the internal organs, cut the rabbit in two halves, take the knife back, then put the flat knife a few times, let the meat is loose, then torn rabbit, then bone. Tear the rabbit meat into a small size shredded piece, add fresh red oil pepper, garlic, dry ginger, appropriate amount of sugar, vinegar, soybean oil, fried ambiguity, chopsticks, stir, sweet and sweet white cut rabbit . Put the rabbit meat from the immersed coil, a happy sense of \”delicious dog\”. Eat a bite, moisturizing sweetExtract; after chewing, the fresh taste of rabbit meat begins to flood, and the spicy is so sweet. There is a teeth and tongue entanglement, and the taste buds are torn with the oral cavity. The whole mouth is occupied by the fragrance, the wonderful place is unable to say.

Society Su Dongpo wrote a pair of meat, I have eaten rabbit meat before I go to Beijing: Sitting in the north to eat rabbit meat, bone in the east; thinking about the \”Zuo Chuan\”, book to the right. It is easy to write a humorous, and the fun is vivid, and it is vividly descriptive to eat rabbit meat.

\”Bao Rabbit\” has a large light, a name and far broadcast, is in the hands of the second generation of Bao Ru, his kid, and his wife opened the store, and the operation has been more than 30 years. 4 years ago, in Lushan Xiangyang Farmers Market, a branch is opened, and the business is boom, and the foreign diners have a phone order every day.

Bao Ru learned than me two years old, when we were a player, once I went to buy 4 rabbits to give guests, when I pay, I said to him: \”Today we guess the play, if you win I gave a double rabbit price, you lost me for free. \”He couldn’t stand the lobby.\” Shouting, shouting. \”At this time, there are some onlookers, Bao Ru learned Nervous, two rounds guess. I said to him, \”Today, the rabbit meat is free, but the season is still going to put it!\” The two of his husbands actually reply to the same voice: \”It is necessary!\” It attracted a laughter.

Many people see me fat, my face is smooth, often asked what I love? Today, I am frank, this life is now, my favorite food is the hometown white cut rabbit – \”Bao Rabbit\”, only willing to live with it. In this way, it actually caused a feeling, and all the foods have asked to give a substance to taste. Every year, I increased a spending because of the gods and gods, but I was very pleased.

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