Intoxicated Zhengzhou for four hundred years – Zhengzhou Junxing Shuangqiao Wine Co., Ltd. Development Documentary


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In the white wine queue of China’s stars, the influence and radiation of Double Bridge wine industry did not protrude, neither famous wine enterprises The influence, nor well-selling wine enterprises, but in the minds of the people, it has a good reputation of \”Zhengzhou Maotai\”. This word of mouth has benefited from the respect of the Shuangqiao wine to the historical respect, and the technical assistant, thanks to the Shuangqiao wine industry to adhere to quality craftsmanship and cultural feelings with a simple spirit.

陶醉郑州四百年——郑州君兴双桥酒业有限公司发展纪实 Historic self-contracted radiopulus

Danqiao alcohol is in the early Tang Dynasty, Sheng Yingqing.

According to the \”National History of the National History\”: \”Rules of the Rich in the Cangzhou, the Ucu, the earth kiln in the Yangyang, the spring of the Jiannan …\”, another Tang Book also recorded : \”Zheng people use the water wine wine, near the beauty and the far began.\” The Yanyang said here is ancient Yanyang, which is the area where the Shuangqiao Village is located, and the soil kiln spring is the predecessor of the double bridge.

It can be seen that at least from Datang, the double bridge is not only beautiful, but also with Jiannan Chun, Du Kangzi name. When I got to the Wing Zong Dynasty, the Yanyang Zheng’s wine division was killed by no children in his knees. Shuangqiao Village is still high in a lot about wine.

Ming Wanli During the years, Shen Zong Emperor cruises Central Plains, drink bridge after drinking and refreshing, can not help but praise: \”The world is wine, the double bridge is also.\” Qin give Mo Bao: \”Double bridge old wine, royal liquid \”Qiong\”, Double bridge old wine has become a tribute.

Kangxi twenty-sixth year autumn, Dongge University Liu Dynasty, Liu Dynasty, drinking a cup of double bridges, the spirit of the spirit, wrote \”Jingzhi Glycoholium Double Bridge Wine, Three Cups Can Solving all the best\”.

Qing Guangxu’s 27th year of Lunar Lunar Lunar Lunar Lunar Lunar, Guangxu, Diki, is a row of Zhengzhou by Xi’an. On, Li Yuanzhen, Zhizhou, told Guangxu Emperor’s origin, and put the double bridge wine to Guangxu and Cixi drinking, Guangxu and Cixi drink after drinking, the double bridge wine has this again a famous name, and Marketing in the original land and the north of Dajiang. It is also because the double bridge wine is known for its name, and then the village is close to the Yellow River, Shuangqiao Village has become a special name town of the Yellow River shipping.

In the early days of the Republic of China and New China, the Shuangqiao Village is prosperous, and every household is wine, and the large household is alone, and the small households will be a winery. The wine selling wine is not only the unique scene of the double bridge, Double bridge villagers earliest happened to get rich. At that time, two wine tickets can be used to buy a bib of double bridge. Later, due to the implementation of alcohol monopoly, Shuangqiao Village was closed, \”Double Bridge Wine\” hooded, quietly withdrew from the historical stage.

Has inheritance heavy gaps 陶醉郑州四百年——郑州君兴双桥酒业有限公司发展纪实

As the \”old name\” of the red pole, Double bridge wine has become the old Zhengzhou people, Zijin, and the memory.

In 2003, the elders of Shuangqiao Village found the Shuangqiao Wangjia 21 World Driver Wang Yuxin said that the double bridge wine has been more than 400 years. It can’t be lost in their hands, otherwise it is sorry for the double bridge village. Bridge. This sentence deeply stabbed Wang Yuxin’s heart. Inheriting the winemaking skills left by the old ancestors, Wang Yuxin resolutely provokes the revitalization and carry forward the heavy responsibility of the double bridge wine, and determined that hundreds of years of double bridge alcohol is heavy. But what is easy to re-produce, for this reason, Wang Yuxin has all across the information and worked hard. After more than three years of uninterrupted test, modulation, finally resumed the production process of double bridge wine. In October 2004, Zhengzhou Junxing Shuangqiao Wine Co., Ltd. was established.

As a new generation of inheritors, Wang Shuai, the chairman of the company, inherited the father, graduated from the college, giving a winery, vowing the \”old name\” of the double bridge wine into thousands of households.

\”Double bridge wine, once is one of Zhengzhou and even Henan specialty label. What we have to do is to make this brand to re-carry out, this is my historical responsibility, and my glorious mission!\” Wang Shuai firm Said.

Into the production workshop, a burst of wine, dozens of wine cellars clean and tidy, and the production workers are working.

Here, history and reality are overlapping!

There is an innovative compete in Zhengzhou

in development, there is a pass to innovate.

Double bridge wine according to the brewing technology of the Shuangqiao Village Composer, use the northern high quality sorghum as the raw material, steamed the blends with the old five sequenial sedimentation method, use traditional pots to steam the wine, and the quality wakes. At the same time, it created a rare small kiln pool brewing process in the north. It was more than ten days of solid-state fermentation in the ancient kiln mud pool. Let the fermentation of the wine are more fully uniform, generate more jiva substances, so that the wine is more full, taste More soft. 陶醉郑州四百年——郑州君兴双桥酒业有限公司发展纪实 \”On the basis of inheritance ancient law, we don’t forget the innovation research.\” Wang Shuai said that the company adopts unique \”three pots, a mix\” wines technology, using the \”middle section\” in the vaporway process. The ingredient is used as the body, and the end-level impurities in the \”alcohol\” in the \”alcohol\” have retained the most essential part of the steamed wine process. The steamed alcohol is stored in the ceramic field. After the constant temperature, the old kiln is blended for one year, it will be carefully blended, let the wine clear, sweet and soft, and the wine is full. It is not bad, the kiln is rich and elegant. 陶醉郑州四百年——郑州君兴双桥酒业有限公司发展纪实 \”This is this taste, the once double bridge wine is back!\” 84-year-old Zhang Quanhan, once is the senior fan of the double bridge wine, he didn’t have a love to drink two. After years, when I drink double bridge, I am full of praise.

In the face of the fierce liquor competition market, we must think of a cup, occupying the Zhengzhou market, can only rely on quality, relying on mouth, and Wang Shuai often said: \”Quality wins, relying on mouth marketing, this is our tradition, can’t be lost at any time! \”

In order to better guarantee the quality of wine, the company introduces a series of production, testing, testing equipment, high salary A group of senior technicians, and cooperated with the School of Life Sciences, Zhengzhou University, established a combination of postgraduate internship bases, production, learning and research and development, and injected strong power for the research and development and quality of new liquor.

There is a responsible enterprise in Zhengzhou

As a responsible enterprise planting in Zhengzhou, the double bridge wine industry has always remembered the mission and practice corporate social responsibility.

For this year’s sudden epidemic, Shuangqiao wine industry actively responded to the party and the government’s call. Under the guidance of party committees and governments at all levels, the responsibility interpretation was taken, the first time action, the donation of money is more than 30 million yuan, and go all out to go The power of the anti-vloception. As a company, only sincere return society, earnestly fulfill social responsibility, can really be recognized by the social recognition, in order to meet the requirements of modern enterprises. \”Wang Shuai said so, but also do it.

At the Wenchuan earthquake, the double bridge wine is in the early days of entrepreneurship, but the company is difficult, but the company is resolutely spent, and takes 200,000 yuan. Donated to the disaster area; in order to enrich the village culture life, Double bridge wine industry every year of the lunar calendar to sing, singing is a week; on the eve of the Spring Festival, the double bridge wine business bought condolences, sent to urban difficult workers and links Workers ‘hands …

陶醉郑州四百年——郑州君兴双桥酒业有限公司发展纪实 Full of feelings, reliable quality, strong social responsibility in exchange for consumers’ gradual recognition. Wang Shuai told reporters: \”In recent years, dozens of shops from the beginning , Developed to more than 4,000 terminal stores, sales revenue growth rates each year. \”

From a student to the helm of the wine enterprise, Wang Shuai often said:\” I am a little bit, but the responsibility is heavy, the next step, I will build the double bridge wine industry into integrated production, sightseeing and tourism Experience modern wine enterprise, grasp opportunities, not loaded, really polishing Zunxing Shuangqiao this Zhengzhou business card! \”

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