Is a simple sweat hall earned money (now how to open the steaming hall)

汗蒸房有哪些优缺点 Although the advantages of the steam room, there are also shortcomings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sweat steam? Today, I will answer one by one.

First, the advantages of the steaming room

1, beauty freckle, the skin is long-term affected by ultraviolet, aging, freckles, black spots, dull skin. Through steaming health, the skin’s anti-oxidation capacity can be improved, and it is effective for excretion of the color of the skin under the skin.

2, discharge sweat and toxins accumulated in the body, can reduce symptoms such as arthritis, gastroenteritis, chronic bronchitis.

3, strengthen the trachea, bronchial and lung function, and have a good role in desensitization.

4, detoxification, moisture too much, the head is full, the limbs are lazy, the weight is painful, the joint is flexion and stretchable, depressed in the chest, disgusting, loss of appetite, and other symptoms. Population in sub-health is poorly poor, and it is easy to cause disease. Through steaming health, it can also effectively exclude moisturizing toxicity in vivo.

1. Disadvantages of the sweating room

1. Steaming does not apply to people of all groups, like children in the development stage, can not steam, age The old man is not suitable for steaming, because their body may not bear, pregnant women can’t steal, will have a very adverse effect on the fetus.

2, there are certain diseases, such as heart disease, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, should not be soaked.

3, people with poor body or injured should not be steamed, especially those with wounds in the body, don’t be steamed, which will increase the wound, not conducive to healing, women can’t steam when you are in a holiday .

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