Is it difficult to recruit?10 years old HR teach you 3 strokes quickly recruit

Not only the hiring season is not only the peak season, but also the season. According to the resignation statistics of the video to find a job, 80% of the 80% will choose to hop in the year after year. Even if there are still many friends who can’t recruit expectations when recruiting, today’s class sisters share 3 cheats with you, so that you quickly find the job seekers needed. Recommended collection!

1. I want to recruit people quickly, and Guang Si must have, in the common platform, the recruitment information is released. Increase the chance of recruitment. But must distinguish between the master, for example, you want to recruit talents in the blue-collar industry technology industry. It is difficult to find the right talent on most recruitment platforms. try.

(picture comes from the network) 招人难?10年老HR教你3招快速招人

2. I want to quickly approach the interview, ask the reason why the job seekers left the job, and the reason for this is because he is separated. The person is wronged \”or\” the wallet is wronged \”and then uses the advantages of their own company to lobby.

3. I want to seek the staff to stabilize, I can first organize a job content before the job, send it to job seekers, don’t let job seekers explore myself when I first. In addition, the colleagues around him can be familiar with each department of the company.

(picture comes from the network)

招人难?10年老HR教你3招快速招人 It is also possible to prepare a small gift on the day of job seekers, or put a balloon on his seat, let the colleagues take the initiative to talk to him. Communication communication. Increase job seekers to the company’s life.

The above step is to teach the master of the class sister, and the class girl is directly turned directly with this step for half a month.

If the class sien’s article is helpful, please pay attention to the collection. Pay attention to the class sister, learn more about recruitment, interview skills, ordinary people to make money, etc.

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