Is it easy to make money? (Warmth is warm)

Decoration determines that after choosing the floor heating, the owner friends want to know how many squares in the home of the electric heating film? Most users don’t understand the floor heating. I only know the difference between each square. At the same time, I found ten different quotations of ten floor heating companies, just want to find a cheapest.

The floor heating company is also very helpless, the user has compared the price of low-cost floor heating. The floor heating sales in the \”price disadvantage\” can only explain the hearts of the mind: why is our quote warms better than others? Warm-friendly consumers who persuade only prices, the electric heating film can not look at the price.

电热膜地暖价格多少一个平方,别让低价给迷惑了 First, floor heating is not buying vegetables, with a square ratio of the price

The floor-to-warming users take the price of each square to go to the floor heating.

The goods are all right than three, but the \”goods\” is different, but they will be unreasonable, and the floor is not buying vegetables, the price weight is natural.

Wen warm is a very complex system, and the technique of electric heating brands and floor heating materials are important factors that determine floor heating prices. The surface heating configuration of the electric heating film is different, and the floor heating price per square is also different. The same is that Apple also has a different price in the supermarket.

Second, low price is not equal to affordable

Some floor heating users are too valued to pay attention to floor heating prices, leading to some floor heating companies to grab the list. Join the bottomless price competition, sometimes it is obviously lower than the reasonable price of the market, and it is also in the arms. However, most of the low prices mean: poor material + poor construction + has no guarantee.

The wool is in the sheep, and the floor heating company that puts the price war will certainly do not lose the business. You bought a low price and warmth is not equal to buying benefits! Because the company wants to operate normally, there must be a lot of money, no one is live Lei Feng.

In addition to materials, the company also has design costs, labor costs, marketing costs, management costs, logistics costs, warehouse costs, etc. These are our so-called brand premiums, which is the cost of so-called cheap goods, but can these provinces?

Don’t think that the service does not want money, isn’t a good quality and a safe service? And the premise of service is the profit, each company has to survive, the profit can be reduced but can’t disappear, you take the profit of the guarantee to take the profit, the product quality, after-sales service, who is guaranteed, so the floor heating can not only look How much is a flat meter.

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