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To foreign travelers, in addition to appreciation, tasting is also very important, compared to high-end hotels, I prefer to call online red food street, it is the most representative of this city fireworks Atmosphere place.


Nanning and Beihai are two-seat cities in Cantonese, Guangxi. They all have their own net red food street. Nanning is Nangshan Road Food Street, Beihai Aspect is the Qiao Port. Zhongshan Road Food Street is mainly from Nanning snacks and Guangxi snacks. Qiao Port is mainly based on seafood.

Whether it is Nanning Zhongshan Road Food Street, or Beihai Qiao Harbor Street, it is more cold during the day, and the evening is the \”highlight time\”. 广西两条网红美食街,白天冷冷清清,晚上人从众,旅游热度高

Zhongshan Road Food Street and other places of food street have a lot of places, such as selling roasted sausages, frying sausages The stalls and the like are not unique to sell \”bugs\”. 广西两条网红美食街,白天冷冷清清,晚上人从众,旅游热度高

Although these \”bugs\” look scary, it is actually very nutrient. 广西两条网红美食街,白天冷冷清清,晚上人从众,旅游热度高

Because this food street is dominated by a snack, it is more suitable for meals, and of course, you can go to the past, and a home is tasted.


Beihai Qiao Port, is mainly based on shop business. These shops and restaurants are also open during the day, but tourists are usually not in urban area, turnover cannot be compared with night markets.

The value of Qiao Port Street is not very high, but it is very different. 广西两条网红美食街,白天冷冷清清,晚上人从众,旅游热度高

The end of the street is the harbor of the fishing boat, and the fishing village is rich.

广西两条网红美食街,白天冷冷清清,晚上人从众,旅游热度高 Many locally riding a motorcycle or a battery car through the street, posing a unique landscape. If you will have a few Cantonese, you can communicate with the locals. In general, Guangxi North Commodity and Guangdong Guangfu region are basically consistent in cultural and eating habits.


To Qiao Port, naturally, you can’t miss the seafood. The seafood price here is not imagined, two people spend More than a hundred dollars a very support.

广西两条网红美食街,白天冷冷清清,晚上人从众,旅游热度高 We last at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and the street is still a little depression at the time of the first time. Wait until we taste the food, the street has already It is a picture of \”people from all\”.

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