Is it harvested to make money? (犟 犟 加 加 店]

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With the dining room, the entire catering industry also has a sign of recovery.

On April 8th, the Wuhan dining industry \”live\” in the way \”take-out\” is \”live\”, and the category of crayfish is on the day of the completion of the work.

In addition to Wuhan, the multi-place restaurant store basically achieves the intensive growth of the turnover, takeaway, retail, group, platform belt, etc., according to this path development, step into mid-April, We can not only see the recovery of catering consumption, will also see the recovery of the increment of caterers.

✔ The current recovery period is also the change period, and the bones will further expand the store of Shandong, Jiangsu and other places

Catering economy gradually recovered, catering consumption increments and caterers Continuous inflow will be a big visible fact, we see that some of the universal departments of some employees based on the epidemic will have a certain vacancy to the industry. This has become the power of emerging blood into the catering industry. Some entrepreneurs intend to become a new increase in the industry. quantity.

However, if we draw a long time line, the new increment is only in the later period, and this increment is meaningful. Simply put, how many stores are not important, the newly opened store can live a king.

In the view of the chopsticks, it seems that it has passed the epidemic such that a good incrementally large probability is the continuation of the stock. During the epidemic, the old brands lived and lived, and the survival rate of this group of newly opened stores is high.

The bones told chopsticks to play thinking, the industry has entered the recovery period, which is an unbearable fact that the headquarters will further expand the store of Shandong, Jiangsu and other places.

✔ \”犟 犟 抗 抗\” \”: In order to improve the competitiveness of the store, the bones have solved the profitability of profitability with four strokes 门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的?

To increase the store Survival, this is what the operator has certain precipitation during the change period. So, what precipitation does the bones do during the epidemic? How do I improve the competitiveness and profitability of the store during the difficult period?

1) The headquarters is associated with the store to solve the problem for the purpose of the store training and communication

On January 22, the headquarters of the bones began to pay attention to the epidemic, and then after 23 days of Wuhan Fengcheng On the 24th, the headquarters of the bones has established the \”Epidemic Group\”, and the series of epidemic prevention is also ready on the 25th.

After again, the bone headquarters will give epidemic prevention fundamentals to the national franchise store through the form of the store, in the store, one is to reduce the store for two months of the store Fees; Second, it will help national store collective procurement masks, temperature gun, alcohol, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention products;During the pre-periodless store, the headquarters sent a supervisor to assist the operator and the landlord to talk about housing rent.


In the eye of the bones, online training cannot be just one-way communication. Through training, the headquarters also collected the difficulties of each store during the epidemic, then used A pair of supervised communication methods to solve the problem, and even some stores think that their mentality has problems, and the supervision of the bones can also give the store partners as a psychologist.

门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的? 2), more profitability to pass the customer channel and sales method

In addition to solving in the opinion Program, store profit is a core problem.

The first time, the store can only be taken, and the takeaway is in addition to the competition of catering peers at the time. 门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的?

But this disadvantage does not mean that takeaway is not good, but means that the family and other dinner scenes are also a potential profit of the store.

In this regard, the bones have launched retail products, and they also have done a new profitable channel.

犟 Bone Through \”launch products\”, such as smoked meat bones, all chickens, pig head meat, pig’s trotters, including five often rice, etc. The sales channels such as program, friends circle, and also set retail products to takeaway platforms according to store needs, including store communities.

犟 bone is upgraded with product upgrade, channel upgrade, sales upgrade to the entrance, realize the diversification of the store’s profitability, but also let the store operators have new retail profits try. 门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的? 3), combined with cycle requirements, do a good job in long-term business construction, to achieve marketing upgrade

Marketing has two cores: First, the selling point is determined, the second is to excavate the periodic needs of the external environment. , Finally combined with the determined selling point.

During the epidemic, 犟 bone insights: customers pay more attention to food safety and product itself exceeded prices. 门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的?

With contradictions, the reform is made, the bones will be further refined before the \”good eating\” marketing, integrating the basic construction of the store on food safety, such as In addition to the sale of \”a pound of bones, the 26-flavored natural spices, 3 hours, 3 hours\”, touched the rational needs of the customer, including in the marketing direction, also added food safety propaganda, and inform Customer’s daily store disinfection, the health of the meal is healthy.

On the other level, based on home isolation and home office become unique cultures during the epidemic, this also means that a family or a group’s dining demand is basically controlled in a principal. People in handTo take a takeaway, take a takeaway platform is more taking care of the single or double catering demand. In such a cultural contradiction, the bones are selected for the community gameplay for the operation and operation of the online store.

The headquarters standardize the marketing points and the programming of the community marketing and landing to the store, helping the store has done a new profit.

The specific operation is: the store has returned to the take-out order. First, the basic word of mouth is solved. Second, customers willing to continue to communicate with the store into the store community, gather the bones through the community. Exclusive fans. 门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的?

With precision fans, it can be operated, and the key is that community marketing is solved by 3 kilometers near the store, which is in the epidemic After the end, the community marketing program can continue to promote the bidirectional growth of the store word of mouth and orders. This is long-term, facilitating the operation of the operation.

门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的? 4) The market knows the brand through the store, the brand passes the market responsibility to secure the door

To objectively assess a competitiveness of the brand, in addition to how to help the store, more look at this Brand market responsibility.

The bones have made three things: First, the early response will respond early in the early stage, and the group purchases to schools, communities, hospitals, shops, customers and other groups send disinfectant, masks, etc. Epidemic prevention supplies; the second is the joint shop, to the community epidemic prevention staff to send public welfare meals; three is to conduct \”peace of mind\” in a friend circle, including epidemic prevention publicity.

The market mainly through the store to know the brand, the store is also the \”public relations market object\” that is paying attention to the headquarters. About this, the bones have implemented the supervisor patrol store, for each family In the store’s epidemic prevention measures, the first is \”software upgrade\”, improve the store’s anti-prevention knowledge and epidemic prevention ability, and combed the most suitable epidemic prevention process that best suited to the store; second, \”hardware upgrade\”, divided into non-contact service landing, epidemic prevention supplies And the store is upgraded. 门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的?

The company’s accompanying and guidance of the store through the epidemic, most stores in the bones have opened the entire store into the profit facts. For the store, the most difficult period has passed, and the growth of routine operations and profit has just begun.

There is data statistics, and the restaurant shutdown during the epidemic has more than 20,000, of which the average survival rate of the franchise brand is only 30%, and the bones tell the chopsticks to play thinking, from Until now, even if there is an influence of the epidemic, the survival rate of 犟 bones remains above 90%.

Back to the business thinking, the survival rate is only a small indicator, and the greater indicator is still the restoration rate of the turnover. The bones pointed out that the turnover in the two regions of Shandong, Jiangsu has returned to 80. % Or more, some stores can sometimes break the peak of the previous turnover.门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的?

There is a forward data as an output of an epidemic prevention plan and a business effect. The bones said that the recent store increment plan will focus on Shandong and Jiangsu.

In addition, to evaluate a high low-end business thinking, it also has to look at the response speed of the special period. For example, selling peace of mind, most of the brands have arrived in peace of mind in the year or in February.And the bones were implemented on January 28 to implement the operations and precautions of peace of mind to the store.

门店整体存活率不低于90%,超加盟品牌3倍,犟骨头如何做到的? How to do more than 90% survival during the epidemic?The answer to the bones is: Multidimensional energy in the store, respond quickly to the external facts!

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