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Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions released \”collective consultation\”, first incorporating \”three new\” field \”8 + N\” staff group compensation data show:

[ 123] More than half of the network, the driver, the monthly income exceeded 10,000 yuan

Middle-worker network News March 3, the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions released \”2021 Guangzhou main industry staff compensation welfare collective consultation reference information\” Information shows that in 2020, the overall staff of the Guangzhou market is 5.7%, which has declined in 2019, but the overall paid rate in 2021 will fall back.

\”Collective Negotiation Reference Information\” includes the introduction of background and significance, Guangzhou Industry Salary Research Data, 2020 Guangzhou Industry Salary Research Data, \”8 + N\” group remuneration, affected by new coronal epidemic, Salary strategy, employee benefits survey, etc.

\”8 + N\” group salary level distribution (yuan / month)

\”Collective consultation reference information\” presents the main industry employee remuneration in the city, its data covers 11 Different posts, different qualifications, and compensation information of different nature of employees in 21 main industries. Through 2019 to 2020, the compensation data of each industry, and the compensation data of each other, it is more comprehensive in the salary situation of Guangzhou. On the basis of analyzing the main industry compensation data in the city, it also investigates the implementation of enterprise paid conditions, paid trends, and staff catering, housing, transportation, communication, vacation, health management, high temperature subsidies and other welfare projects. 广州市总发布《集体协商参考信息》多数网约司机月入万元

The first release of \”three new\” field

\”8 + N\” group compensation data

is worth mentioning, \”collective consultation reference information\” three new \” \”8 + N\” staff population compensation data. \”8\” mainly refers to the \”three new\” field employees represented by Eight members of the truck driver, courier, care worker, housekeeping staff, shopping mall information daughter, network approximation, real estate agent, security guards. \”N\” refers to a group of employees such as a crew, a dishwasher. According to data, in the \”8 + N\” staff group, the net approximation driver’s monthly income is the highest, and half the above exceeds 10,000 yuan. In terms of compensation strategies and employee benefits, the overall employee restriction rate of Guangzhou Market in 2020 is 5.7%, which has declined in 2019, but the overall paid rate in 2021 will fall back.

It is understood that in order to solve the \”business and unwilling to talk about\” \”employees and trade unions do not dare to talk, not talk\”, and negotiated between the \”information asymmetry\” \”Incompetent\” \”Incompetence\”, The Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions have been first released in the national trade union system in the national trade union system. The reference information of the main industry compensation and welfare, with different industries, different professional workers’ compensation and welfare levels as the main content, jointDomestic well-known professional institutions conduct sampling surveys, specializing in guiding employees to carry out collective consultations with corporate party, providing professional information data support for Guangzhou Enterprises and Trade Unions Promoting collective consultation. The release of \”collective consultation reference information\” is based on the network survey and the professional institution in the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions and the line of work in 2019-2020, based on classification, summary, analysis, and analysis. Refining, comprehensively presented recently in Guangzhou’s major industrial compensation benefits.

With the \”Reference Information\” as the entry point

Implement \”Speed \u200b\u200bEquipment Action\”

According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, this year, the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions will Taking the \”collective consultation reference information\” as an entry point, organize the implementation of \”collective consultation and improvement results\”, increase the construction of collective consultation talents, and match the full-time instructor of the two-level collective consultation in the city; strengthen professional education training The three parties of the joint municipal labor relationship launched the city collective consultation competition, and upgraded the collective consultation team in the competition training, providing collective consultation free consultation for the city, strengthening the collective consultation professional support, joint professional institutions to carry out the \”collective consultation model\” research Improve the quality of the collective consultation of the enterprise; explore the construction of the collective consultation simulation training base, and promote the establishment of multi-form multi-level labor communication consultation mechanisms.

In addition, the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions will also focus on \”2021 wage collective consultation,\”, United City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Enterprise Federation / Entrepreneur Association, Municipal Industry and Commerce Association, etc. In the city’s key area, key industries, key enterprises centralized salary collective consultations, with \”collective consultation reference information\” as a starting point, strengthen the work guidance of corporate and employees, active coordination and help corporate and employees to solve the travel The difficulties and problems encountered in the middle, driving the formation system support, mechanism operation, extensive employee involvement, and significant implementation effect, the implementation of the effectiveness of the development and maintenance of employee rights and interests. (According to the \”Southern Tall\” report, the Southern ITS full media reporter Peng Xinqi Southern Total News Correspondent Luo Rui Xiong)

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