Is it possible to run the drip?

When I went to work today, I met a super power drip driver. I had a bit traffic on the road. I haven’t chat with the master. The driver said that he was 5 years old, and he ran more than 900,000 kilometers. After another changed 3 cars, Skoda Octavia ran 6.8 million kilometers in the first three years.


Talk all the way, I feel that this master is different from other drip drivers. He has its own ideas, and also knows how to sum up experience. This is to compare me. Admire. I used to tell me a leader, no matter what work, I will summarize, I will understand the people who will study, will always be more faster than others.

Master of the driver told me that although now the reward policy did not have previous, he was more than about 480 daily net income, and it was not tight and not involved in traffic jams (understand this Will worship the gods). The master has its own fixed mode every day, including the large-and-small work area of \u200b\u200bNanjing City, and provides a fixed time period of fixed-wind turmarks.


Also said in the Nanjing Yangtze River crossing tunnel, regardless of the direction of the city or out of the city, it is the fastest on the right way. He said not to know why, but this is the law of him ran for 5 years. Although I can’t confirm this, I have no car after all, but I think this driver is very reliable. Feeling as a city’s ferry, at least he is very understanding of the road to the city, this is a very peaceful thing about passengers.

Master shared a lot of his experience with me. On the afternoon of 2 to 4 pm, there will be 2 orders in the airport near Ali; 2nd floor of Lukou Airport Parking Lot, which is easier to order in the middle downhill. There are still a lot, but I will remember these. In fact, it is quite a pity. If you say that these experiences say to other drivers, maybe there is a lot of help, say give me a passenger, and it is a bit waste. .

跑了5年,90万公里的滴滴老司机告诉你,为什么你接单赚不到钱 In life, such people can always give me a very reliable feeling, because I know that he is doing this seriously. Also let me realize that the original running network is not as simple as it is, not only driving, it is a novice operation. For the big, there are many \”pay attention\”.

In short, I have learned a lesson in a car. Today, more than a dozen dollars will not lose money!

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