Is it true that part-time typing is true?Demyming all processes!Let you see the truth inside

Do you have received a message in the penguin, part-time typing? The content is probably the office worker, the students can do it. Time is free to arrange, more labor, typing according to the given manuscript, the draft fee is thousands of words 30 or even 40 yuan. Is it very attractive?


Think about your own type of typing speed is quite fast. Earn one or two hundred days, it seems that it is not difficult! Is there such a good thing under the day? Today we will reveal the inside of secret part-time typing.

What is exaggerated for the release of thousands of words 30-40 yuan. Do you know how much the author of the original novel is only? However, only five to ten yuan, people still have original novels. How do we type a word? Now let’s talk about it, after entering the group, there are such routines and scams.


First, I want to order the word typing needs to give a guarantee fee for dozens to several hundred yuan.

You may ask him, don’t you say that you don’t need to pay for your advertisement? He will say, yes, no deposit is required, but the margin is to customers. Trade unions must ensure that customers’ list can be done on time.

Some simple people think about one or two hundred dollars, bite the teeth, they will go back, think about two days.

网上兼职打字赚钱是真的吗?揭秘全部流程!让你看清里面的真相 The other party will send you a few blurred manuscript notes. You have a tears in both eyes, spending for a long time, it is hard to finish. After handing over to each other, first pick you a pile of various problems, then give you a few more money so-called.

At this time, you are wondering again, isn’t the advertisement saying thousands of words 30-40? How do you only? The other party will tell you because you are a primary member, that is a single child. It takes high credit guarantees and meet time. If you want to pick up the list of senior members, you need to pay a senior member margin. This fee will automatically return to your account for three days. (Some fools will really believe!)

Go to this step, some people think about quickly returning to this, can only pay a senior member margin. Then, the other party will make you constantly pay for various reasons. Until you don’t have money, or feel that you are being deceived. The other person told you that we will not only stroke a word, but also an universities. As long as you pull a member, we will give you how much money. You think about it back, and this time you don’t have to pay more, just hold the mentality of trying a trial, copy their small advertisements to other groups. Then there is a member coming in, you really got money. At this time, you will turn from the victim into a liar.

网上兼职打字赚钱是真的吗?揭秘全部流程!让你看清里面的真相 There are still many scam routines like this. Distinguished fans and friendsAt the same time, we have to work hard, and we also polish your eyes to prevent being harvested by the liar!Pay attention to me, reveal the more social scams and routines.

(The above may touch some people’s interests. Even maliciously report or delete. Please give a power to let more people know! Thank you!)

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