Is paper gold gold?How to make money on paper gold?

Is paper gold really gold? Many friends who buy and sell paper gold arrived in the end, they did not really see gold. Is he just a gold made of paper?


For example, there are many gold inside, and ordinary people can buy. But there is a problem, Zhang San wants to buy 5 grams, Li Si wants to buy 7 grams, the bank will pay attention to them. Then divide the gold into the weight they want, this weighing labor fee is expensive.

And everyone puts the gold to her home, always feels unsafe, sleep in the evening, still put it on the bank, if you buy more, let the bank send you past, Did that transportation costs don’t come out?


After the few questions, the cost of buying and selling gold becomes very high. I would like to rely on buying and selling gold to make money, but after this, I can’t earn money, so paper gold will come.

Bank told everyone to say that the costs just have not used. You have saved the gold account in me, how much gold you want to buy, use the money inside, how much is it here. After bought it, I will directly exist in the gold. Don’t take it back, I will help you keep it, it is safe and saved.

纸黄金是黄金吗?怎样靠纸黄金赚钱? I will give you a voucher after I have finished, indicating that you have so many gold here, and your voucher can be sold to others. This is paper gold, and it is the same reason with you save money in the bank.

You have a lot of banknotes in hand, and others have a lot of banknotes. Everyone will save these banknotes to the bank, and the bank will give you an app account. What is the number in your app? Just indicating how many banknotes you have, so you can go to bank deposit withdrawals at any time, or use banknotes when trading between each other, especially in different places, is more troublesome.

But if you use this app, you have passed. But paper gold and money have different places.

纸黄金是黄金吗?怎样靠纸黄金赚钱? The first you save money is interest, but the paper gold is so much, he will not give you interest. How do you make money on it? Just when the gold price is low, you buy paper gold, when the price is high, you sell it again.

The second presence of banks can be taken out, but paper gold is not able to take gold. You only have ownership and do not extract the right thing.

If you bought a lot of paper gold, you want to exchange it into a gold bars, take the table at the table to see if this is not good, can’t get it. All right. This is today’s knowledge point of paper, do you learn? # 投资 ## 金 ## 理财 #

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