Is selling cakes to make money (where to sell 甑 cakes)

my country is not only a tourist big country, or a gourmet big country. There are all kinds of cuisine, there are all kinds of snacks, but also attract Chinese food, not many foreigners also call delicious.

China Ground Boss, every place has its own custom custom, and in the diet, the habits of each place are different. For example, Chengdu people like to eat spicy, Northeast people like to eat pasta, Cantonese people like light … Each place has different cultures, there is a kind of complicated local specialty snacks.


When we go to other cities, we will try to taste local specialty snacks. At this time, many people will do some Raiders, and some people will do some do Local feature snacks are more authentic shop. In Shaanxi, there is such a small shop, although the store is not big, but the TV is over TV. After the TV has a TV, the reputation is noisy, but because of a decision, this originally hot shop changed. Gate Canno. let’s see it together.

被《舌尖》带火的小店,成名后2元小吃卖到10元,如今门可雀罗 The store is sold after the \”tip\” with fire, 2 yuan snacks are sold to 10 yuan, now the door can be colored, helplessly Original price

\”Tong Tie\” shows this program, I believe everyone has seen it, this program set up food around China. And Shaanxi has a small shop selling a cake. It is fortunate to have a \”tongue\”. The cake is the special snacks in Shaanxi. From the appearance, this snack is as black, but the cake is black, because it is mainly made of raw materials such as glutinous rice, red dates, red beans. The production process of the cake is actually a trouble, it takes several hours, but the taste is very fragrant and refreshing, and the local people in Shaanxi do not release it.

For Shaanxi people, the cake is definitely a delicious good product, which is the food they will eat every day. In Shaanxi, many people will choose to bakery as breakfast, because it is not only delicious, and the price is cheap, generally a piece of cake is as long as 2 dollars.


In Shaanxi, there is a boss of a cake shop, and he makes the process of making the cakes, and the \”tip of the tongue\”, this Also made this store’s famous arrogance gradually. This original is just a \”flies\”, and when I was \”tip of the tongue\”, the boss also thought about this opportunity, and earned it. However, because of a wrong decision, this small store door can be carried.


After this cake store, the boss sold 10 yuan to 10 pieces, but the components are not before. What difference. Such a price increase, so that most diners have expressed their very unfolbened, slowly, and this shop is less and less. Now this store has no popularity in the past, foodPassenger rare, door Coca, because, in Shaanxi’s small shop, a lot of small shops, diners don’t have to hang on a tree.

For this situation, the small shop owner did not think of it. Later, the boss of this shop was toned again.Back to the original 2 yuan.However, due to the beginning of the decision hurt the heart of the dine, even if the original price is transferred, it can’t be kept.


In fact, the same store is not there, there are some small shops with a little famous, in order to earn moreBig profits, there is no reason to rise, such a move will only hurt the hearts of the diners.I don’t know how to see this?

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